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Of course, Hayan’s decision has also been questioned. Former AFL player Ben Graham has become an NFL athlete with the abandonment of the kick, and he said that Hayen has to wait and see. Good in the British Football League to say unconditional support: “His departure is our loss, but we look forward to his dreams come true.” Several relevant personnel also sent blessings.

This time seems to be true, Smith has recently published an official statement: “You will know all the answers in the next 3 weeks.” Smith said the defensive line player selected by the draft does not affect his decision.

The original record is 1039 yards, which is created by Vick in 2006. Before the game against the ball jet, Jackson has taken 1017 yards. He has previously became a quarter-free quarter-free quarter from the NFL a hundred years of history.

Wild horses have lost four points to Saville and Texas signed a contractUS Time Wednesday, Houston Texas announced a contract with a brock Osweiler, which is reported that the contract is 4 years, a value of 72 million US dollars, including $ 37 million.

According to NFL NetWork report, Jordan was tens of ten games in Ada Dera (translation: Adderalall, a stimulant). Jordan has been licensed using this drug before, but the license has expired. In the 2013 season, Jordan has also banned four games due to violation of the enhancement of drug policies.

Hayen said in the press conference: “For me, becoming a NFL athlete has always been my dream. It may be my only opportunity to try, challenge this sport.” Hayon told in the conference How to do itself from a poor child that can only live in the housing committee, struggle to become the best player of the British Rugby League. Hayon, who is spanning, is a few times during the press conference. About the family, Haen said: “My dream is to buy a house for my mother, now I have done it.”

This game Jackson completed 8 shocks, got 86 yards, wholesale Jerseys and the number of squash codes reached 1103 yards. In addition, he passed the 212 yards of 5 times, and the number of seasons reached 33 times. The ranking of the first party, and it has also been flattened to the number of teams of the team.

With Manning’s retirement and Osville’s departure, the Danfo wild horse will now enter the state of noise, and they are currently with Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) )touch.

At present, many people have begun to actively envision Haine will join which team will join. Haine’s tweet seems to have left some spider mart. He released a number of information related to Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Hawks this week, and was surprised by the Cowboy. The tweet before earlier, said his attention to the sea eagle, Yuen Yuen took a photo of the sea eagle jersey, and a manager of the Hawks and Hague Manager. group photo. There have been previous media exploding, the sea eagle intends to sign the sea sign for 1 year, let him appear as the team’s abandonment. It is just a rumor for this Hainen.

“This is very cool,” Jackson said. “He is the favorite player in the process. This is very wonderful, I will always cherish this moment and continue to advance. As he said, the record is used to be broken. I heard him said this. I. I am honored to break the record. “

Before this competition, Jackson had four games in the game, which is already a NFL record. According to the current rhythm, he has the opportunity to become the first season of the first season of the NFL, while the four-point guards exceed 100 players, and it may also be Steeve Yang, 1994 (Steve Young ” Since the first scorpion code and the number of passed the number of passes have ranked the first quarter of the player.

Jordan’s offshore issues include a year of banned by violation of alliance drug abuse policies. But he said to the reporter that he has not contacted alcohol or entertaining drugs for more than two years.

Dolphin rookie: Moreoverno is not affected by usIn the report on Thursday, we mentioned that there will be a huge loss for the Miami dolphins. The Knowshon Moreno will be a huge loss. Today, the Dolphin ‘s Dolphin’s New Show is the view that the Damien Williams expresses its own view: “I don’t think this is a huge loss.” Although this rookie statement is a little reckless, but He still insisted on his own point of view, and he pointed out that Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas provide the team to provide the necessary ground support. Williams said: “I don’t think this is a huge loss because we still have other teams to fill this missing. However, everyone will miss the performance of Maleno, he is always full of fire. He will Come on for teammates, we are very happy to see him in the field. But to be honest, his absence is just a player, but only a player. “

Jordan told reporters: “I am wrong. But my personality has not changed. I am ready to continue. In addition to the football, I have to improve myself, and I have seen my own change. My whole life has experienced one hundred and eight Ten-degree changes. But I am smashing, that is, this. By learning lessons, I know what can’t be done now. “

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