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Hakim – the Knicks were cut Saints quit teamNew Orleans Saints announced on Monday when the team waived wide receiver Hakeem choice – the Knicks (Hakeem Nicks), and they also signed a long open players – Chris Hyland (Chris Highland), and the star left tackle Terrence – Ted Armstrong (Terron Armstead) was removed from the injured list.

In the last month of competition, the pirate’s schedule is not difficult. They will host the new Orleans from the new Orleans, the worst of the Union, the wounded, the wounded, the main scene of the Chicago Bear, and the last week to ensure the main break of the first battle after the first week. Carolina Panther. Of course, if you want to enter the playoffs, pirates have to point out a detachment in the Minnesota Vijing and Seattle Hawks.

Earlier this week, the outer junction deleted the information on social media showed that he was a bear player, but now, according to the informed people, Ian Rapople, Ian RapoPort, he It has been resumed with the team to continue to negotiate.

[8/31 steel man delivery] Steel people like new will; Bell play temperLast weekend, Pittsburgh steelman was at home in the third week of the season, but fortunately, the general manager kevin colbert did not let the steel fans worried too long. The transaction came to Vance McDonald, but also signed in time. Joe Haden; interesting is even if the management is rushing to the horse, but there is a person, “I am not happy”, that is, Le & Rsquo; veon Bell;

The Saints will continue to look outside to take over the reliable veteran to complement the depth and experience of the game ball group, currently outside the top four Saints took over the squad are Blanding – Kukes (Brandin Cooks), Willie – Snead (Willie Snead), rookie Michael – Thomas (Michael Thomas) and Brandon – Coleman (Brandon Coleman), are young but experienced a shortfall of new wide receiver.

Robinson’s current average annual salary is $ 14 million, ranked 15th in all league. Given that Robinson has suffered serious knees in his career, he knows that it is the importance of reaching long as insurance and knows your value.

If Green and Wright are still like Sang Pach, the tiger will only have Mohamed Sanu, Brandon Tate, Greg Little (Greg Little) And Kobe-Hamilton, four of them, Hamilton is the position of the training team from the training group on Wednesday to fill the position of Sanbah. This is not the most threatened external hand combination that the team can use in the playoffs, especially the tiger has not won the playoffs since January 1991.

Unlike Martavis Bryant, the bryant at the time was only in the ban, and Bell is still not a steel person’s player, the coach group cannot be criticized directly in the inside. Even if Bell is already implied on the twitks, I will return to the team on September 1, but it seems that he has not given up the opportunity to demonstrate to the team.

Knicks just signed with the Saints two weeks unemployed again, have lamented the cruelty of the NFL. Knicks as New York Giants first-round pick in 2009, in the first few seasons of his career in show amazing talent. His 2011 season was the peak, when the season he contributed 76 catches for 1192 yards to win is the team eventually won the primary hero, when he and Victor – Cruze (Victor Cruz) make up the league’s strongest wide receiver one duo, but then they are subject to invasion by injuries, competitive level has plummeted. Knicks last season, once to return to the Giants, completed 7 catches for 54 yards to get in only 6 games.

Robinson signed a 3-year contract in 2017, and now he has entered the last year of the contract. At his age of 27, he was undoubtedly a team of the team since joining the bears. At the last season, he hit the best performance after entering the team, and completed 98 battles to get 1147 yards 7 times.

On Tuesday, there was reported that Robinson felt that there was no respect in the renewal negotiation, he believed that the quotation of the bear team did not reflect his value. Although he did not raise the transaction requirements, he had a voice that hopes that the bear team will transder his trading.

Yesterday, the giant boss John Mara (John Mara) just said that there is no player in the team that cannot be traded. Mara also said that the team will always listen to the trading quote, but he does not want to trader Beibei.

In the 2016 season, the career has 19 cases of the former professional bowl players to fight 13 games, successfully defended 11 passes, including 3 copy (3 CDs from two crows from the crow) competition). Such data is enough to be satisfied with a 28-year-old walk of injuries. At present, Haden’s biggest problem is that his injury has affected his speed. When picking up a pair of pairs, once it is opened in 5 yards, Haden is difficult to take quickly. At this point, Cockrell also faces the same problem. However, it is undeniable that Haden is an outstanding hug, he can quickly respond quickly after the opponent is brought, or it can play an effect in the anti-running.

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