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Badler wanted to get a star angle level salary since he completed the winning copy in the 49th Super Bowl. But after the Patriots signed the stephon gilmore before, it is no longer possible to get a big contract.

According to the news of the CBS reporter, the relocation of lightning has not changed. “At present, it is necessary to make 2/3 of the stadium for 2/3, and the construction of the new course will be completed in San Diego, but the news indicates that regardless of the voting result will join the race of the raft, become a member of the 2019 Los Angeles.”

Message: Lightning is unavoidable cheap nfl Jerseys From China San DiegoWith the relocation of the ram to Los Angeles, and after completing the first home game in Los Angeles, the news about San Diego lightning migration Los Angeles appeared again.

After more than ten years later, the crow’s defensive group has always been a sign they do not fade. The genius defenders come to Baltimore, many people will leave after joining, and some people stay in retire, but they have a joint recognition leader & mdash; & mdash; thunder.

However, the upper half of the Hubble bow is completely presented, and the first half of Verco will easily complete the three times. Confused 49 people here, consistent strong road attacks, cards are not good for passing the ball, throwing the ball into the Hand of Ed Reed. 49 people Super Bowl Tour on the 4-point guard 18 passed a record without a copy of the record. David Aikas opened a high-quality deep-pace, Jacob Jones almost received a ball before the bottom line, but the 49-person special team made a mistake, twice The Jones directly let Jones attacked 108 points to score. The score becomes 28-6. It seems that this brother war will win the end of my brother’s big.

The confidence in the old Salunhan is coming from the degree of cooked the offensive coach group. The jet is expected to make Jeremy Bates, who have worked with Old Salunhan in Denver, served as an offensive coordinator, and the old Samanhan has served as Rick Dennison. Washing coordinator. Karl Dorrell has worked for three years with Old Dorrell.

Old Salunhan said in an interview: “We have successfully succeeded in the offense of the ball and passing. I dare to guarantee, Jerry and Rick will find some experience from the past. Rick is I have encountered the most One of the wit people, Jeremi is not up and down. Carl Direer is also very familiar with me, which represents three people who are very familiar with the jet trainer. I also believe that they have taught them. The offensive group will be amazing next season. “

Despite the four seasons, the defensive group of the crow is constantly progressing in a year, in the 1998 season, the famous hall defensive defender Rhode Woodson joined the crow, and the defensive group began to gradually become universal. In the season of 2000, they cultivated the positive results, and the averaging 10.3 points in history were second only to the “steel curtain” defensive group. Pavement season lost code 970 yd, 1978 regular seminars, regular, 16 games, minimum records. Lewis as this team is a well-deserved leader to be selected for the year’s best defensive player. In the case of weak offensive group, the crow has killed the thirty-fourth super bowl with a defensive defense of the rule.

This seems to be consistent with the situation of the Auckland raid, and choose to go to the new city in the case where the new stadium in the original city cannot apply. It is reported that the voting of lightning will be completed in November, which means that in November is the last chance. If the vote cannot exceed 2/3, then the lightning power will leave.

Mike Salunan believes that the jet offense will be amazingAlthough the first quarter of the jet next season is still not fixed, this does not affect the optimistic attitude of Mike Shanahan to the team offensive group.

Saints have been trying to sign Badler after opening the free player market. In the trading between the Saint and Patriots, Brandin Cooks, Badler is considered to be one of the transaction chips. However, because Butler did not sign the contract, the Saint and Patriots eventually involved only Cook in Cook in the transaction.

If the saints signed Badler with a patriot that does not match, then they will have to lose the first round of drafts & mdash; & mdash; this year’s draft elevated line. It is a huge price for the Saints to pay for the high salary and lose high-selection rights (so many reporters think that the saints will not be willing to do this).

Katnik: Decisions do not understand the coachThis week, San Francisco’s 49th coach Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) decided to be a substitute for the four-dimensional Kaepernick. For this decision, the explanation given by Tom Sula is: “Let him withdraw his step and breathe.” Local time on Friday, Katni said in an interview, did not agree with the instructor.

General Manager of Texas: Still planning and punching the handkerchiefBeijing April 20th, Houston Texas plays a privileged label for Jatevepon Clowney, to ensure that this rushing hand can stay in the 2019 season. But after that, no one can know exactly.

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