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Wo Fold has started the outer cassette of the Baro eagle before, but in the first quarter due to the injury to the head and neck. After Gao Fu, he played him, 19 passed the ball to complete 9 times, and pushed 155 yards.

After the Gaoff game, I also said that I have not been able to get the first quarter: “As a player with a good heart, I certainly want to play playing, create different than the team. But he is the coach, he needs to make a decision every week. & hellip; & hellip; I understand this. But good winner makes me want to play, I am also ready. “

The Witten has been forces for cowboy, and they retired in the middle of the night. But he did not copy the success of the front team friend Tony Romo, and the quality of explanation was unable to return, and finally returned to the stadium. Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, has also served as a Monday night.

Last season, Witten was 63 times, advanced 529 yards, reached 4 times. The raids already have the main ball-type near-end Darren Wallen Waller, and Witten may not be too many tasks. Warle took 90 hours on the season and pushed 1145 yards.

“Can learn Cheap jerseys from china the best quadrant and understand what the first quarter-saving is absolutely helped, but he is an excellent young person. This is the opportunity he has been waiting.” The Auben University coach Ques Mazan (Gus Malzahn). “I told you that the first time will not be too arduous to him. He will meet challenges, this is what I expected.”

Vic supports Randri in this weekThis week, Pittsburgh Steelman will take the residual array of Cocklivland Brown. The four-dimensional selection of the team is still unable to get an exact answer. Last week’s injured first four-dimensional-Roethlisberger put on protecting boots and absent training earlier this week, but the team officially listed him as “doubt.”

Jones has the ability to lead the team to win. He has a success rate of passing close to 60%, and it has been copied twice while completing 3 times. Optimisticly, because Brown’s defensive strength is very limited, steel people have the opportunity to win in the absence of main four-defense and running guards. At present, the goal of 5 wins and 4-negative steel people is still in the playoffs, and the team needs to continue to move in the incident of injuries.

On Friday local time, Rossley Borg has participated in some training, which seems to be a good sign. But another four-point Wei Michael Vick revealed in an interview that Landry Jones will become the team’s first four-point guard. Vic is very affirmative and express its support.

After Tom Brady left the team, the patriot did not pick four-point guard in the election, except Brian Hoyer, did not sign James Winston (Jameis Winston) ) Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). Unless they signed Caman Newton, it seems that Galrett Stidham will become the first quarter of the patriot.

Only 4 times last season, he might be the least known quarterfield in the alliance. If you enter NFL earlier, he may have a higher popularity. He was selected in 2017, the best lineup of the SEC Federation, and led the team to defeat the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama into the finals of the finals. And the impact of the serious injury inside and outside the team, his performance decline in 2018.

“Even if he just arrived here, how much you see him is already a mature young man before the first game,” Mazan said. “He is a fitness madman, always staying in the team to study, research video. When he was selected by the patriot, I felt that this is a perfect end point from the perspective of the offensive system. They use a dispersion offensive system.”

Many expectations are supported by Ndamukong Suh. His contradiction between Kiel has reached the point where the Soviet shoes is not wearing shoes to participate in the form. Suhe other dolphins defenders held a closed meeting to discuss the dissatisfaction of the Keyer defense system last weekend.

Obviously, he has not ended yet. After four days of Campbell, Dolphin announced that the dismissal of the hardships of defensive coordinators Kevin Coyle. This decision made by Campbell, he got the management to allow the management to change the coach group after a temporary coach on Monday. Defensive guards Wi Lu-Anarumo will take the location of Keyer.

“This is no longer like I am 25 years old. At that time, I could basically pack a suitcase,” Braddy said. “Now I have 3 children, this has changed my life & mdash; & mdash; but this is life, this is what people have been doing. When you have a chance in other places, you will do this There are many coaches to face this reality; there are many players to face this reality. They do this every year … From this point, I haven’t experienced this process, I haven’t been there. Difference. You do your best, you make the transition process smoothly. “

“I won’t predict how the next few months will, I really don’t know what will happen, and I don’t know how we use the team base. So I will try my best to communicate with teammates, and try hard. With them together, find a way to meet different places, start working in this way. “

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