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Some executive believes that Joe McSon is the best rookie in this year.In most of the personnel executive, Texas has a homework Mamier-Grett, is the 2nd choice for this year. However, the public is difficult, one executive believes that the best player of this draft is an Oklahoma University, which may even enter the first round: Joe Mixon.

Mike Chappell, who has long been engaged in ponytrans, “I believe” Hilton and groin injured offensive cutches Ches Cherlus Sunday will not be played on Sunday. Another outer handle Ryji-Wayne also missed the training of Friday.

In view of the possibility of dolphins, it is possible to obtain the first five-step selection right in the 2020 election, replacing the first quarter-saving decision to make the dolphins in rebuilding can determine if Runs can act in the future. Of course, Runson can use performance to prove that they are in the future of dolphins. After winning the first round of the show last year, he was still an unknown number of geometry after being selected by Arizona.

At last season, he started 13 games. The sharp offensive front line affected his play. Rosen’s success rate was only 55.2% last season, and the 2278 yards were taken for 11 times to 14 times. The passed is copied, led the rickets only 3 victories.

“Honestly, I think you are joking when you say the score,” Murray said that “Madden” said his initial score. “I only have 77. I am really can’t tell everything I want to say when I accept an interview, but I think this is the disarity for me, but the fact is the case. As I said, I will let me Your own expression, so I hope to rise in the season in the season. “

Losing Hilton will make the piles of aerial attacks have been affected, and his 82-year-old ball will have a stunning 1345 yard. Due to Wayne’s injury, pony needs Donte Moncrief, Hakeem Nicks, near-end Edge, Dwayne Allen, and Kobe – Coby Fleener conducts a pass attack.

In the first two games in the season, the dolphins were taken in a defeated. Rosen only got an opportunity to get in junk time. The first four-point Guifez Patrick passed the success rate of only 50%, got 1 time to reach, 4 times of passing.

Lang’s career began in the St. Louis ram, he is a ram of 2008. In the 2011 season, he completed 13 kills (the highest career). Lang life completed a total of 70 kills, 15 times forced the ball, playing 162 games, first of whom. He is a child of Havenly Hall, a child of HOWIE Long, a brother of Kyle Long, a member of Kyle Long, and he is a dedicated player.

Now Thalesk has made this clarification, and it seems that Rivers will still stay in San Diego. Taylesk explained: “Just as I said before, we are very willing to work with Rivers, we are looking forward to what he is ready.”

Rivos once said in an interview with San Diego, he would like to go to Los Angeles to play, and do not intend to renew with the team before the end of the contract of 2016, he wants to keep your future firmly in his hand. After this incident, people put them with the first round of the Titani team of Tennes.

Due to the negative news of women in 2014, Mickesson may have to wait until the next day. But when the reporter asked 16 Personnel Executives, one of the best players in their minds, one of them said the name of Mickesson.

11 people chose Galt, two people choosed LSU safety Wei Jiamal-Adams, each has one person chooses the University of Alabama to Wei Ru Ben-Foster, Stanford anti-defeat line Shandou – Thomon Thomas and Mickens.

Lightning Team clearly said that it is not traveled.According to wholesale nfl Jerseys‘s famous media people Ian Rapoport, the San Diego Flashing Team did not trade in the PHILIP RIVERS in this course. Tom Telesco confirmed this news this week this week: “We have never thought about it.”

But such performance obviously did not receive praise from the “Madden Rugby” production group. In the latest generation of “Madden” games, Murray scores are only 77. This makes him 20th in all quarters.

Of course, the scores in Madden do not fully reflect the player’s strength. Before the Lamar Jackson became MVP last season, he was only 76 in the initial score in Madden 20. Similarly, before the 2018 season MVP, Patrick Mahomes is only 77 in the initial score of “Madon 19”.

The red scitch quadrota Wei Murray is dissatisfied with the score in the “Madden” gameArizona’s red squid four-dimensional-Murray has played a good job in the rookie season and became the best offensive.

After adding dolphins through transactions, Rosen did not win Fitz Patrick in the competition. But now, dolphins have changed their minds. Runson will again cooperate with a bad offensive front line. Although this season has limited time, he has been killed 4 times. He successfully obtained 102 yards 2 times twice this season.

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