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Internal Words are generally the defenders, and everyone will convene everyone and arrange defensive tactics every time I kick. The inner line guards are generally three types: regional anti-transmission, staring at people, and raises quartz.

No matter which task has chosen, he must tell the other party after the first step is to attack the attack or a running ball attack. Line must have the ability to tear the offensive front line as the defensive front line, but also have the ability to prevent defenders.

The internal line must guarantee the defensive area to keep your defensive area, destroy the ball or complete the hug. Or look at your own goal, don’t let the other party successfully or complete the cricket. If you choose to raise the four-point bath, you must do not hesitate to open off the offensive front line, and avoid any entanglement directly into the pocket to kill.

Throughout the 10th week, the Hawow won the Chicago Bear without Jay Cutler, won 2 wins and 7-loud Detroit lions, won 49 people in San Francisco, 6 wins, Win Dallas Cowba without Tony Romo. Obviously, cheap jerseys the winning game will be won, but there are several games that are lost in the fourth quarter.

This layoff decision will give 49 people to make more salary space. Brooks had previously signed a contract with 49 people a 6-year $ 40.4 million. He is about to enter the fifth year, which will account for $ 6.1 million salary.

Two degrees selected for the best lineup for two Brooks last season for 49 people first 15 games, got 53 hugs 6 times. He won 53.5 times in the entire career 290 times. His killing data ranked third in the history of 49.

33-year-old Brooks is 49 people defensive group in nearly 10 years. At present, only the time in the team array, Joe Staley is more than 49 people. The third-grade line Wende-Harrod is likely to fill the start of Brooks.

Crawni is still not signed with any team in some of the fact that he has accepted core muscle surgery during the offset period, while the epidemic has led to difficulties to check him. At the same time, the status is also indicated that the value of Crawni is still higher than the view of any team.

Patriot may list Edelman as the second quarterThe new England Patriots may only have a healthy quadrant in the list before the next match of Houston Texas, but this does not mean that they will sign a quarter-saving.

There are 2 internal users in the traditional 3-4 defensive formation, they stand between the pokes and 2 defensive ends. In the traditional 4-3 defensive formation, there is only one internal guard. At this time, he is also called “mid-range guard”, which will usually stand between 2 defensive cuts. According to tactics or offensive formations, the internal wire guards will also adjust their own position to adapt to defensive strategies.

[Defensive group] How to become a linearIf children want to fight a position in the defending group, they generally think of the line guards, they are more stronger than defensive guards than defensive guards. Line must have a lot of species, the most important thing in the defensive group is the internal guard, which can be said to be the core of the defensive group.

The Erman University was once the quarter-off of the team. In the two seasons, they have passed over the game in the game. Due to the patriot’s complex offensive system, the head coach Bill Belichick does not believe that the team can find the right old quarter-off guardion in such a short time.

The jet is cut off. It is based on the injury factor. Part is due to the current external cluster has been full of people: removing Plaspy and Robby Anderson, Jermaine Kearse, Quintern – Quincy Enunwa, Strand Peake and Andre Roberts. Although these players are not enough to change the game, Andon and Iwa’s height have provided a sufficient ball height for the team, and Pleier’s existence is not necessary.

Plasple initially entered the league with four-point guard, and later became an extraction in Brown, and made a good result. In 2015-2016, Pleier played 19 games, completed 78 battles, pushed 1049 yards, and achieved 4 reaches.

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