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Former red skin main run Wei Haoyao seeks to returnDespite over the knee, the crossed ligaments were subjected to such serious injuries, but the preparation, the red skin main running Tim-Haoyao (Tim Hightower) has not given up the opportunity to seek return.

The 12th person of Seattle Hawks LOGO and related products If you want to use it in 2016, they need to pay a lot of money. It is reported that 12 people were the earliest registration by Texas Rural University in 1990, and later the Hawks would pay $ 5,000 in order to use the trademark.

Lion led the Kia this year, but finally cut him, only 2 quarters of the 4-point guard in the 53nd National Congress. After the Black Panther, I took him, but I announced the abandonment of Kia on Tuesday.

Galt: McFaden did not hit the wallThe Dallas Cowboy is also struggling with Tony Romo. The team’s first running satellite – Darren McFadden in the team in the past 4 games, there are 3 flocks in the 55 yards. Although 129 yards are promoted in the game with Miami dolphins, the outside world is still inevitably questioned whether the old will “hit the wall”.

This 28-year-old running guard and the former giant Safety Wei Kenny Phillips have signed the reserve contract with the Saint, since the knee crossed ligament was torn in October 2011, he has not yet Any NFL event appeared. He said: “When I was injured, I told my career, I have not ended. I have been continuously rehabilitation and training.”

Original Digs is only 1907,000 in the last year of the contract. For a single season, there is never more than 100 times, and the number of code has never exceeded 1000 yards, this is a considerable income. The reason why Viking is willing to give a big contract because Digs’s potential. In the case of increasing the salary hat, the player’s price is also rising, if Digs remains healthy, then his contract after several seasons will be advantageous for the team.

“It’s time,” Foste said. “I officially announced Cheap jerseys from china my love to retire. This is a wonderful career. I am grateful to every moment. My career makes many great people enter my life, I ask them some people in them with me. Say goodbye.”

Currently, the choice of cowboy is not rich in the position of the running guard. In addition to Mac Fa, the team only is Robert Turbin and Rod Smith. There are also rumors in the near future that denim is considering the Demarco Murray again after the end of the season.

Jason Garrett, obviously disagree with this statement: “I don’t think so. I didn’t think that his state declined, or it could not complete our request. He completed some excellent competitions, naturally there will be Some games have improved space. “Current McCaden has completed 213 times, if he can continue such performance, he will be expected to create a new number of career single season when he ends.

Until 2014, the 29-year-old Fostec provision proved that everyone was wrong. In which season he was a 1266 yard, 8 times, became the highlight of the Baltimo crow. This experience is that he can remember happily after retiring. He officially announced his retirement on Wednesday.

Old will run Guiansin – Foste announced retirementThere are many reasons to be a NFL starter, a lot of reasons. He was in the NFL fate, and was then cut off by the Seattle Hawk. It was then cut off by the Indianapolis Pony. Later, he was once again signed by the Hawk and then expired as a free player. He was in 2012 in the Houston Texas, and in 2013, he did not get the first chance and the position was not safe.

The earliest transactions of Hawks and Texas Range started in 2006 and have been updated in 2011. The agreement continued until the end of 2016. It is reported that this new contract may increase a lot.

Only 24 years old, he performed well on route running, he can complete the ball in each distance and is a key player who is engaged in attack. In the 3 seasons of Viking, he completed 200 battles to get 2472 yards 15 times.

Minnesota Viking people agree with this young outer joke to sign the renewal contract. This contract is 5 years, worth 72 million, calculated that the total value of the bonus contract is up to $ 81 million. The contract includes $ 40 million in guarantee income. Digs will receive a $ 15 million signature bonus. Average $ 14.4 million in basic salary makes him in front of the league. If he gets all bonuses, then average $ 16.2 million will have a Sammy Watkins, and Brandin Cooks is comparable to the contract value of Brandin Cooks.

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