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The team this year, the eighth overall pick in the draft of players this season, played in 14 games, starting only two games, playing time is less than 400 files. He made 1 steals in depth on the roster has been four beautiful cornerback Pierre – De Xier (Pierre Desir) exceeded. This veteran linebacker Carlos – not good enough Dansby (Karlos Dansby) eyes.

Cantivian missed the team’s training on Friday, which is also rumored that he will keep the work next day, very unhappy. The Brown team did not end the Indianapolis hippi, and Comard was a 40 yard free kick in the upper half. This ball played a certain decisive role. Convevs’ total of 29 shots 22, but considering that his range is limited, many times the Brown team must take different tactics.

From the point of view of potential, there are not many cornerback Gilbert has the ability, he can immediately improve Brown’s second-line defense. The team is now ranked seventh in terms of anti-pass (opponents averaged 220.1 yards passing), If you could get a close cornerback contributions, their ranking will rise.

Brown criticized the team veteran defensive group first-round pick cornerbackCleveland Browns defensive veteran group of rookie cornerback Justin think – Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) need to make progress.

Brown tickle Condy signed the Saint Saint team The Cleveland Brown finally made the decision to replace the player, the team announced that it is very bad to play the performance that is very poor, Billy Cundiff, from the free player market, Toytha, Garrett Hartley.

Hartley was active in the New Orleans Saint team in 2008-20, with a total of 57 shots 82, from the warm and unheatched saints the ball to the cold and windy Cleveland, Hartley Need some adaptation process.

The NFL team boss apprled the application of Tenna West Titan in Nashville at the Spring Spring Festival. The 84th NFL draft will be held on April 25 to 27, 2019, and the location will involve multiple landmark buildings in Nashville.

Viking people defensive group long-defended regional defense, line guards and safety sorrows to two wings, using fast-flying and 擒 抱 止 数 数, although the effect is general, but the overall mistakes have not made big mistakes, depending on so sticky Defensive, let Saints easy to advance to the Red District, the second day to the third quarter, the Viking people let the Saint 5th attack open, take the opportunity to reverse the game, due to lack of arrogance and fail to get professional bowl And the best lineup is favored by Safety Wei, Harris, has also copied Bristol. The Viking Group has only created 10 pressure, but the three tribute appeared in critical moments, and the fourth quarter of Hunt’s Cascade killed almost helped Viking to locate victory.

Just yesterday, Bill also restricted the road attack of Texas, but she could not stand in the second half of Watson, and the eagle was also forced Wilson decided to win, and Wilson did not disgrace the mission to take the victory. When your team has a four-point guard that can run out pocket, you can have a long history, you can support the attack, it can be what you want.

Texas people give Xiu Kangna’s “warm welcome” for a week, may give it a psychological shadow of a lifetime, but it is not easy to taste the sweetness in Patriots and Tom Bradi. Despite the absence of four games, the strong performance after Braddy returned is still fear, 432 pass 291, 3554 yards, 28TD, only 2 times of copy, efficiency amazing. Although the interim Gronoski injury reimbursement also affects Bellchk’s competition arrangement, Julian – Edrman, Danny – Oman Dora, Matruce – Bente, Legart – Brown The special weapon did not make the patriot’s attack power weak. This looks not too like an enemy competition.

In the past four years, NFL has been held at different locations, and this year’s draft is held in Dallas. Last year was in Philadelphia, in 2015 and 2016 were in Chicago. Other cities are also intended to bid to hold a 2019 draft, including Las Vegas and Denver.

However, Texas is not all, the Osviller seasons are warm, 25 pass 14, get 168 yards 1 to 1 Dalun, Saviqi is unable to play, the former can lock the first position. Judvie – Crawni also played the price in the outer card of last week, and his key copy of the German people got a reach of the next attack and laid the first frontal leading advantage. De Andre – Hopkins also has the deterrent of underestimation. In addition, Texas has been in the 1998 Sea Dolphin, and the first year of the super bowl held a team of the playoffs. I won’t know that this will bring them an angel.

The second round of the playoffs, a one-week partition, two have ushered in the opponent killed in the blood of the outer card. This Sunday 9: 15, Nfl Jerseys Meidian partitioned new England patriots will meet the challenge of Houston Texas at home.

“I do not know if he could finish college to the professional arena of excessive,” Dansby told reporters Monday. “This kind of ability in his own body. He had to look in the mirror and do own such a transition. I only brought him the door but could not help him practice.” At the end of the season, criticism appears to be about to enter the break in Dansby a public attempt to give Gilbert pressure on the shoulders of some of the burden during the Games period. Perhaps Dansby think this is the best way to motivate him.

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