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Fusai Te quietly become one of the best running back nowWhen Justin – when Fusai Te (Justin Forsett) was signed by the Baltimore Ravens, people just think he is a mine – was suspended for a period of rotation of Rice (Ray Rice) only. And after six weeks sped by, Fu Saite has quietly become the league’s top five running back.

In the overtime game, Fitzgerad completed 75 yards to promote, and then received a short pass to complete the reach, killing the game. Carson Palmer said: “This is shocking.” Talking about the last Dalong, the head coach Bruce – Arians said: “We have practiced 18 Week, finally used this tactics when it was correct. “

Regardless of whether the Ravens can win the American League North partitions first name, Kubiyaka has given the team left a deep impression. Ravens offense last season ranked 29th in the league, and now ranked No. 8. This time, perhaps Kubiyaka in looking for a new coach job, if the Ravens do not continue Yuefusaite, there is no doubt in Houfusaite season will follow Kubiyaka go to a new team.

Los Angeles Lightning Use this year’s two-wheel signs (37th step) and a three-wheeled sign (seated 71st position) to the new England patriotic line, picking from the University of Oklahoma Line NANTNETHMORY.

In an interview with reporters on the issue Fusai Te Kubiak, he said: “I watched him enter the professional league, he was just playing in some short time, and a lot of bench players did not get as many chances but I believe it. when they get the chance, they would show their strength Fusai Te is John – Haber (John Harbaugh) and the team wanted this man, I think this is after I came to the Ravens this time to be able to Hubble given the highest rating Fusai Te individual. I understand the contribution Fu Saite give the team, including the performance of special teams. he made me feel very proud, he is very suitable for the Ravens, all of his all very satisfied.”

At 8 o’clock in Beijing, the NFL 2020 election election is as follows. Originally decided to be held in Las Vegas, because the epidemic was changed to the line. Although the line is changed, this year’s draft will not play half a discount. NFL and EA Art Electric Game Company cooperate for the first time to combine game pictures and drafts to present this year’s cloud options for the global audience. Nfl President Roger – Although Gundel is in its own basement, he will also have a handshake in the game and shake from all the new show.

49 General Manager: New Xiu Bosa has 50% of the probability to participate in the first battleOn August 24th, the ankle surgery in the early August made San Francisco 49 people’s first round show defending Direct Nick Bosa absent training.

Fitzgerald legendary careerIn the face of the anti-fall of the Green Bay package, Arizona red squash took the Larry Fitzgerald, this legendary veteran almost lesdress the victory in Arizona in the overtime. Although the packaging workers quad-bonard Alon Rogers completed the long pass in the regular season, they were brought into addition, but in the end he was defeated by another legend.

Fu Saite had appreciated his team’s head coach at Texas Kubiyaka (Kubiak), as is now the Ravens offensive coordinator Kubiyaka offseason gave me the opportunity Fu Saite continuation of his career. And now, Kubiyaka but should contribute Xiefusaite sense, cheap Jerseys in the sense Xiefusaite Ravens and when he most needed to make, especially in Bernard – Injured Pierce (Bernard Pierce) and the performance is not ideal when.

In the game, Fitzgerald took the ball to push 176 yards and won 1 time. He is also in the era of super bowls, the only player who has brought more than 150 yards in three playoffs. After defeating the package, the red scitch will continue to advance under the leadership of Fitzgerad.

The details of the two parties were not announced, but according to informed people, the contract was 2 years, a value of US $ 10.5 million, including $ 3.5 million security income. He will reach 6 million in salary this year.

Beiler’s best in his career last season. He obtained 6 killing, 38 times, 2 times forced the ball and twice to grab the ball right. In the eight seasons for the Emirates, he has achieved a total of 19.5 times, 207 times, and forcing the ball and seven it to slap the ball.

There is no doubt that Ryan is a very good defensive coach. Even if there is only three victories, the jet is still limited to 20 points below 5 times. For jets to say that this performance is unimaginable, you have to know that their injuries are also very serious.

Under the lead the jet, the jet has been a chance to win the United States, which proves his coaching level. He said in an interview on Tuesday: “I have foreseen that I have a super bowl of championship as the main coach, I really I saw it, I will let this happen. “

Atlantian resurvets signed the former chief defensive end Edge Alan – Baile Beijing July 23, the Yattlang Falcon was announced on Tuesday to sign the front Kansas city chief defensive end Edison Allen Bailey.

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