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With your own excellent performance, Hill squeezed the front first round of Matt Elam to the tension. The new season, because Eram has reimbursed, Hill’s position is more stable. He will partner KFC Lewis, the guardian of the crow.

The competitions of each age will run through the whole day, and the university bowl is obviously a feast of Beijing fans who are not tolerant. & Mdash; go out of the home, look at a few American football games!

Langdi-Moss and other people help Pleir transform external takeoverTwo years ago, Trrell Pryor, who entered the league in four years ago, has been unbeatable, and he has a strong physical fitness. He decided to transition outside this year, followed by Cleveland Brown. Entry into the array.

In an online discussion of this month, Pleier has claimed that these “star mentors” have praised his expression, and he also released a series of training videos, including Pleier’s route training, Take a deep pass and a single-handed ball.

This week, the red skin they have to face has been suffering from the poor, and the four-point guards, Robert Griffin III, 52.1% of the post-withdrawal of the ball, was transformed, and the ball was transformed. Among them, 12.4% were killed, and the two data were the highest alliance. And worse, the team’s left cut Trent-Williams will not be able to play this week, will not be able to play, this season Williams’ passenger commentary is +6.3, only let the other party from oneself I got once and killed. Replacing Williams will be a new Morgan Moses, which contributed +1.4’s pass cover score in the face of Tampawan pirates last week, but he is going to face this week. Aldenne Smith, which is ready to go, is not as small as stress.

At the end of the 10 cases, Smith was completed last week. In the face of the game, 8 successfully put pressure on the other side, two of which hit four-point guard and six times forced four defense Quickly shoot. And the rookie alonch, which is located on the other, also has 8 successful pressure, one of whom killed 7 times, forced the quarter-saving, and he was divided into +7.6 this season. All 3-4 Flat Outer Route 7. Lindchi and Smith’s double ghost door will be the biggest trouble of red skin.

In an interview, Hill said: “When I talk about renewed in my first and crow, I know I don’t want to go anywhere anywhere. I just want to be a crow player.” The former New York Giant player has 3 The issue occurred in the drug inspection, and he signed the crow last season, and then doubled after the ban.

Didbook season’s abandoned kick code (49.2) Ranking Union First, abandoning the Kicking average code (43.8) Rank 4th, the fading fell in the 20-yard line of the League 6th, forcing the number of safety blesses to the 9th . He fell within 20 yards last year, and the ranking of the league, forcing the number of safety blesses (26): Part 3 of the league, and the only one in the year without kicking the bullion.

49 strong rushing will bring a big trouble to the red skinThis week, 49 people in San Francisco will be positive in Washington red skin. At present, the 49-person playoffs is very serious, and the latter games cannot be lost. Fortunately, the defense of the last 49 people has gradually entered the best, which will be a powerful guarantee for the team’s race.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, the red skin of the selected career bowl will have agreed with the team to agree with the team’s 4-year-decline, with a total contract of more than $ 15 million. Dimension is expected to be officially signed on Monday.

Crow safe Wei Hill and the team renewal to the 2016 season The Baltimore Crow announced on the local time on Thursday, with the safety Weiwell-Hill, a two-year contract. In March of this year, Hill has a contract with a free player and the crow, a contract worth 1.54 million US dollars. After the signing of the contract, he will become a free player after the 2016 season.

Pleier has previously been taken by Multi-class star, including the top top of the retired, Randy Moss, Tampawan Pirates, Meick, Mike Evans, and last season Wang Antonio Brown, etc., they all teach Pleier’s own experience.

A total of four teams will be compete for the title of “University Bowl Champion”. They are the Heavy Man Headman, Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Dali Storm Team and Beijing Institute of Technology. The competition will be held at 10 o’clock on Sunday (October 30) at the Fengtai Sports Center located at No. 55 West Road South Road.

The first semi-final will be held at 10:00 in the morning, and another semi-final will begin at 10:30. After the end of the two games, an AFLC full equipment American football game was held on the field. The Beijing Iron Brothers and Shanghai Night Eagle will be competed. The winners in the two teams will receive the tickets for the last playoffs in the East Sea. cheap nfl jerseys from china China’s Waist Flaccoon Open Group will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon, and then the university bowls will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon. Finally, the university bowl championship will be held in three o’clock. Later, it is the award ceremony. The specific agenda is as follows:

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