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Brown lacks excellent players. Whether they choose to use the list of eye signs this year, they will not have excellent performance next season and may not be in the 2017 season. Now Brown is in a comprehensive reconstruction period. It is a cautious step for more choices for a rebuilding team.

It is reported that the US time on Wednesday, Thomas participated in the team all of the team. Previous post was injured in the preseason of the previous July 14th. But it is not possible to determine if the next game can play.

However, in the game, the performance of Ming Xiu is the worst in the season. March said that his decision is not only made according to this game. For him, the biggest consideration lies in the experience of Falls and he believes that Falls makes the Americas to win the best to win.

Although Grunette believes that Brown will stay in the raid in the next few years, this outer junction will appear in the team base in the next few days or an unknown number. After getting the coach support, Brown will decide whether the current dispute will continue.

And the top of Falls became the first four-point guard. His headband and beard have become a sign, and his talent and calm are also impressive. As the first quarter-off, he led the team to win 4 wins and 4 loss records.

Of course, the Huli was lifted in October 2018, and the position of his position is Kiqixus, the latter became the team coach after the end of the season. When the comments were asked, Kasqz refused to respond.

For the Philadelphia Eagle, Falls who won the Super Bowl Champion and became a superb bowl MVP, was added to the Jagua this year, he was sent to lead the team to turn over. But his first show only continued to play a game.

The raid coach Grunett: The team will support the outer handle BrownBeijing August 12th, although the exterior of Antonio Brown is absent from the absence of training, foot frostbite and prohibited use of preference helmets, etc., the Auckland raid, nfl Jerseys coach Jon Grunden firmly Support your own star outside.

Before the helmet supported Brown, Groad also said that the foot frost was not a brown error. “I don’t know what other people wrote or think of, but this foot injury is not his fault. This is an accident. This is really not his fault and this is a serious injury. I know Some people think this is stupid, but this is really no funny. He hurts. He is innocent, he didn’t do anything wrong. “Grunette said. “As for the helmet is his personal affairs. He has a strong feeling for the equipment wearing it on the head. We are supporting him. We also understand the league position, so we are in a tough position. We hope Antonio will return quickly Because he stayed in the team, I was very excited. I designed some offense for him, I hope we can start using it. “

Nick Falls will become the first four-point guardAfter 3-26, the Jacksonville, the Jacksonville America, the Doug Marrone, said he will wait until the end of the team, and decide who will serve as the team.

In addition to the frost-free treasure, there is also reported that the old model helmet that is prohibited from using their own preference is also one of the reasons for the training of Brown. He has only participated in 2 training camp training so far.

The Holland said that he thinks the conflict in the Night Tournament is not a “accidental event.” “If you don’t teach the player, then you are letting this kind of thing happened, when I watched Cleveland Branda, I saw a lot of behavior was put, whether it is a clown color, or a goggles or a variety of things. “Blackli said. “Miles-Galle hit the quarter-offs the following position, hit the four-point guard, which happened too much.”

Cleveland Brown is willing to deal the list of eyesFor the 2016 election, Tennesi Titan will use the champion to pick Laremy Tunsil, while Cleveland will pick a quarter-saving in the list. But it is often a thousand miles of usually bad when talking about the show.

This idea can make people understand, some people think that the transaction list is a smart decision. The down transaction will ensure that Brown can get more draft and will not sacrifice the quality of the players they choose.

Front Brown Offense Coordinator: Conflicts on the field should be attributed to coach KiqinusIn Cleveland Brown, MYLES GARRETT, because the conflict of participation is in the unlimited game, the front Brown offense coordinator Todd Haley believes that this event reflects the ball. The team coach Freddy-Kiqius (Freddie Kitchens) is in terms of leadership.

When we have a few weeks from the draft, we have encountered such a situation. There are rumors that Brown is interested in being amazing things: transaction walks on the list of eyes in their hands. According to reports, Brown is willing to deal the list of eye sides and consider picking quarterfield in subsequent position.

“This matter is the issue of coaching,” said Black Juli Friday. “This is completely coach responsibility. Because coach and each assistant coach conversation, then the assistant coach and some players talking. The coach has an old saying: & lsquo; you either teach this behavior, or you are letting this behavior Happened. & Rsquo; “

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