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The team this year, the eighth overall pick in the draft of players this season, played in 14 games, starting only two games, playing time is less than 400 files. He made 1 steals in depth on the roster has been four beautiful cornerback Pierre – De Xier (Pierre Desir) exceeded. This veteran linebacker Carlos – not good enough Dansby (Karlos Dansby) eyes.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Pitters will meet with NFL officials on Tuesday to discuss the recovery of the game. This time I met Pitters was earlier than his schedule, he was originally resumed on April 15. The 30-year-old running guard aliened its recklessness in November, and was still in the list of exemptions after aligning the defense.

The Best Team of Guo Zhou Zhou is the player of Philadelphia eagle players Jake Elliott. This rookie player is about to end the time of the game of the New York giant, and the 61 yards are called the killing, helping the eagle 27-24 win. This is a free kick of the team’s history. Elio said after the game: “I am very grateful to try. I want this opportunity.”

The new England Patriots 4-point Wei Tom Braddy became the best offensive player in Mei Week’s first consecutive week. He fed 23 seconds in the game against Houston Texas. Brandin Cooks completed 25 codes, this is the 5th time of his competition, and help patriotic 36-33 defeated Texas.

US time on Tuesday, Tiger officially announced, renewed for two-year contract with Giovani Bernard. According to NFL NetWork reporters, the total contract value is US $ 10.3 million. At present, he has increased its salary in 2019, which has become $ 5.9 million, and there will be 600,000 US dollar guarantee bonuses in March next year.

The race season and the Haiying a four-year $ 140 million renewal to make Russell Wilson became the highest salary player in NFL history. In the second week, Wilson completed the 300 yards and 3 Daren’s performance and successfully won the best offensive players in Zhou Guolian. In the third week of the game, Wilson pushed 406 yards and 2 passes to reach the ball, and he also held 51 yards and 2 sports balls. The fifth week of the night, Wilson 268 yards, and 4 to help the team. In the 9th week of the game, Wilson passed the 378 yards and 5 reachaes, and the performance can be described as good, while also leading the league to reach the array of arms and quadrupted listings. It was also commented again to be aware of the best in the country. Wilson’s regular season finally completed 41110 yards pass, 31 passed backdams and 75 sports balls advanced 342 yards and 3 sports reachaes.

27-year-old Bernard has always been a good complementary running guard. Three years in the past three years, he can promote the number of codes every season. The performance of the past three seasons has been good, and each year can accomplish at least 35 battles, the squash code 4.2.

New York Jet Safety Swan Terrence Brooocks became the best defensive player of the United States. Brooks completed 2 copying balls in the game, helping the jet 20-6 to defeat the Miami dolphins to get the season.

“I do not know if he could finish college to the professional arena of excessive,” Dansby told reporters Monday. “This kind of ability in his own body. He had to look in the mirror and do own such a transition. I only brought him the door but could not help him practice.” At the end of the season, criticism appears to be about to enter the break in Dansby a public attempt to give Gilbert pressure on the shoulders of some of the burden during the Games period. Perhaps Dansby think this is the best way to motivate him.

Peterson will discuss with alliance officials to restore the prequet qualifications.Mike Zimmer, Mike Zimmer, Mike, Minnesota, said he continued to go to the star running guard Adrian Peterson (ADRIAN Peterson) is still waiting before the next step. More information on the league.

For Cheap jerseys from china Peterson’s situation, there are more information that can quickly answer some questions around Viking. One of the questions is that we will be closer to what Pelico will be in Vikiki. A whole March Pinson team has more strongly stated that he prefer to play in other teams. Arizona Rashi and Dallas have been rumored to be a potential home.

The third week of the United States, the best special team player is Buffalo Birk, Stephen Hauschka. He completed all 4 anygball shoots in the game (& mdash), including 55-yard shot & mdash; & mdash; and completed all 2 additional points, helping Bill burst over 26-16 to defeat Danfo wild horse.


In terms of the country, Washington Red Piece 4 points Kirk Cousins ​​became the best offensive player. He has successfully achieved 365 yards 3 times in the game in 25 times, helping Hongski to defeat the Auckland raid in 27-10 in Sunday night.

The Alliance decided to ban Peterson on the 18th of last month, and the ban is at least the remaining competitions this season. Two days later, the NFL player will protest against this decision and believe that the alliance is not able to do things in accordance with the regulations.

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