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In the case of lack of manpower in the external connector, the crow picks the speed of Perry Man to replace Torre Smith, San Francisco 49 people. After entry, Steve Smith, only a group of external connections that cannot be mentioned can be used in Joe Flacco. Kamar Aiken is the first number of people in Smith, while Marlon Brown, Michael Campanaro, Jeremy Butler (Jeremy Butler) There are others being compete for the appearance time.

Once, we believe that a black four-point guard in one meter oriented is impossible, maybe there is no Wilson, the Hawk is still a sea eagle, but this is definitely a paradox. Look at Wilson’s current technical movement, the standard rear pull arm master goes out, wholesale jerseys the standard bullets and rainbow ball arcs, don’t have no difference to him, then you will find that he has already prepared, and “great “The word is always so close, but we didn’t find it.

With the story around me, I took the lead in the “Quality Management Group Activity (QC)” of the Quality Management Group Activity (QC) “, which looks good, but when three years later, the teammates around me began burnout, good Creativity is imitated by other groups, the judges have a series of reasons for our aesthetic fatigue, this year we only win the fifth, the achievements are bad, but if someone questioned us to retreat, I first stood up. Do not. Similarly, I, the Hawks have experienced two extremely successful seasons, and there is no prideful emotion. Second, in the past two years, Gordon-Tat, Max-Angr, Chris Clemons, Malmore-Smith, Brandon-Brownner, Byron-Maxville, etc., looking for Alternatives are not that simple. Third, Ma Shaun, Lynch’s injury, Kam-Qisler’s tetan, Jimmy-Glaham adapt, three troublesome people affect the entire team. Fourth, the Alliance is in the world to collect fast wire guards and large corners, and the space for Hawks is getting smaller and smaller. The above is the so-called “playing Jiangshan easy, defending the river.”

Tylesco wrote in the statement: “Ponbi is more than a professional bowl level talent, but also a captain, teammate, competitor. Simple, he is one of the best teams I have ever seen. Mike is established Important members of the team culture and standards are not used in the locker room, especially for young players. “

Derk Carl’s new contract will be completed before the first week The Auckland raid at the 2014 draft selection conference was obviously wise, and now the team needs to leave this young quarter-off with long-term contracts.

When healthy, the waves are the most powerful edge of the union in the alliance. He demonstrated a very strong performance in the 2012 body test. Although his desirable performance in 2013 and 2014 made him enter a professional bowl, he did not recover such a level after receiving his back surgery during the 2015 holiday.

“I think we respect all opponents, we will obviously face the Tampawan pirate in the season, we look forward to this game,” When asked him to focus on the competition of the patriots, I said. “We have many games in front of the patriots, they all need to treat. But we understand that the patriot is now the strongest team in Meidian East. We understand that we need to develop a competition for them, just like them like us. In this regard, I think the greatest point of dolphins is that we have never afraid of new England Patriots. We have never been like this. So, the words are here, when we see them in the new season, we will prepare OK.”

There will happen before the dolphins in the twenty-week and fourteenth week. For fans, let us hope that the courage of dolphins will not be exhausted before, and we can see an important game that feels the partition champion attributable to the end of the season.

However, the players of the Miami dolphins listened to the throne of the Patriots. An example: Dolphin jarvis landry, while the sniper period, the dolphin, said that the dolphins will sweep the patriots in the new season.

After entering the race last season, there are many places that the dolphins make people like. From the powerful plurality of external handles to force Jayi, Jay Ajayi, to a good offensive front line, to a stable defensive front line, and then get an improved second-line defense.

In addition, because the depth of the lineup is slightly returned, those venues who have experienced the defeat of the super bowl seem to have a new responsibility in this quarter: Michael Bente, in addition to rushing, this season is the alliance anti-run. One of the strong side defensive ends; Afril is only the blind side, but also to deal with the right cuts or near-end front; rice classes are only a procedure, and today’s rushing also occasionally Wagner and Wright don’t have to say, it has already contracted all the number of appearances of the Haiye, is indispensable; Qifesler not only deepens the righteousness, but also undertakes the missing tasks against nearly close to the front; once a thank you Erman can pat the chest and say only responsible for the left side of the array. Now he also begins to die on the outer side of the other side; Earr-Thomas does not have to say, a person is not easy to guard against the whole block.

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