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This Thought of Dallas Cowboy went to New York, in order to visit the 911 commemorative site. After lack of Bryter and Tony Romo, the team is currently 0 wins and 3, which is reported that Weekbrane has appeared in the training ground.

In the game of Miami Dolphin 0-40, in the game of Baltimo, the performance of Matt Moore is a disaster. He passed 176 yards, and there were 2 passes to be copied. Reach. This makes people can forgive the first Jay Cuter’s poor performance in the season.

Katler’s poor performance caused the dolphins’ dissatisfaction. His passage success rate is only 62.8%, and the ball is 165.8 yards, and it has been taken for 5 times of 5 passes. He was killed 12 times in 6 games. Dolphin fans have agreedly demand that Moore replaces Carterre.

Bill Trading Left Patio Cadi – Glen Tiger[Update]: According to Multi-Party Report, Bill will visit the No. 21 sign, five-wheeled, and left-sighted Glen to the Tiger to get the other party’s No. 12 draft sign and six rounds.

The whole career should not be responsible for all of the loss of interest. Dolphins can’t implement the shock attack in the competition, the offensive front line cannot protect the quadrant to open the road, and their pickers cannot pull the space.

“We didn’t despise these allegations,” Lin Qi said, “We will keep serious attitudes, continue to pay attention to legal procedures. Once, once these allegations have confirmed, if Foster does beat the lady He is no longer a member of our organization. “

Viking boss hopes that the team’s new season has achieved better resultsBeijing May 20th, Minnesotavi, in the last season, announced the warth of the playoffs in the last season. In the case of major players returned this year, the team inside the team is still high for the 2019 season.

US Time Monday, General Manager John Lynch made more instructions. He said that Foster still has the opportunity to return to the team, but if the accusation is confirmed to be true, his relationship with 49 people has come to the end.

The first return of the bear’s near-end Miller eight timesThe Xiong Team Close-Duan-Mi-Miller was seriously injured in 10.29 against the Saint, he had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. This Monday was his first return to the team facilities.

The tensions of the salary space did not introduce a lot of players in the free player market, but they reinforced the offensive front lines with poor performance last season. If Coss is better in the new season, he may be able to dedicate better performance.

The strongest player is also the most important player, and Kirk Cousins ​​is about to usher in the second season in Viking, and he needs to rebound from the performance of the last season. Wilf agreed that the coach Mike Mike Zimmer’s view will be better viewed in the second season.

“Everyone is accompanying me, I am grateful, I am trying to control my tears and don’t let it fall.” Miller said, “this experience let me know a lot of good people in the world, although the negative thing still exists But these love makes me benefit. “

If the accusation is true, 49 people will cut off the line Wei Foster Reuben Foster Due to the three feasibility of crimes, 49 people expressed careful treatment. After that, they announced that During the processing of the allegations, Foster will not participate in the team’s break.

According to the Sports Pictorial, Bill intentionally trades the left dispel of Cordy Glenn. Glen is a $ 5 million contract with the team in the 2016 break. McDotmot and Benen went to Buffalo for a year later.

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