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Pita was optimistic about his own NFL career this season before the end of April. Now, now makes the coach John Harbaugh, which feels good to his recovery progress: “Dennis participated in half training, he did very well. So, we don’t think he will absent the game.”

Labport explanation: “This is what I understand. There will be a choice outside of our expectations in the 4th time. So actually I don’t know who they will choose. I have some guesses. Maybe German – WHITE. Maybe four-point guard, like Dwayne Haskins or if he is still in, Kyler Murray. Maybe an offensive front line Player. No one predicts that they will be selected in that position, and maybe it is a disappearance. But according to I understand this is a choice that should surprise us. “

NFL will try to avoid similar accidents. According to NFL media reporters, the alliance hopes to change rules restrictions in the future, so that the team does not have to wait until the club in the candidate is in the playoff game.

In the case of reporting that the red foul received the trading consultation of the relevant type, Gridon and Mayick will intend to pick Murret on the trading. Or Is the Haskins be becoming their 4th time? Given that most scouts have previously helped the raids to pick four-point guards Derek Carr, pick four-point or may mean the need for confidentiality.

The 33-year-old population will not retire after reimbursement.At present, the Chicago bear team puts the old Charles Tillman into the list of injuries reserved for his season. Now the problem is whether the old will serve in his 13th season is 2015. What about the competition in the season?

New England Patriots Determine Super Bowl Rings Distribution TimeThe new England patriot has not completely enjoyed the victory of their February super bowl. Because the players and coackers have not received a ring of a super bowl.

According to ESPN reporter news, the ceremony of the Super Bowl Ring has been identified on June 9, and the team will hold a mandatory mini training camp on June 6-8, which means that players will basically attend.

Tikmin said at Monday, retired is not what he will consider, even if the same location is injured more than 2 times. “I am very grateful to encouragement and support from fans, I know that this will be better, but this is not the way I like. When I was injured, my role will transform to help coaches, support teammates, I will Do everything on the court I can do the help team to get the score. “

Alliance or allow the team to sign the coach before the end of the playoffsThe teams are looking for the next time: candidates and conditions have been fixed, but they have to wait until the candidate is in the playoff game to formally sign up. This adds an unefective factor in the completion of the contract.

After Cox, said: To be honest, I should touch it in advance. But for a line player, it is a good opportunity to get the ball and face unmanned defense. However, I must admit that the ball is left to the offensive group is the correct choice.

Whether such tension and anxiety are because of the raid, Jon Gruden and the new general manager Mike Med Mike, Mike Mayock is planning to make an unexpected decision in the election first round without wanting ?

White is an interesting choice at this location. This line guard from Louisiana State University is widely considered to be the best vulnerability of this year’s draft, and can fill the huge vulnerability of the raid guard. Is the line guard worth a 4th time? The raid person will pick up the attack at the first round last year and continue to select the player of this position after the free player’s big hand is reinvised.

Whether it can return, he will not only be recognized as a leader worthy of respect, but also a historical outstanding corner. Jared Allen said: “He is one of the reasons for my bear team. He is a very good guy, a very good teammate, trustworthy.”

Recovery progress, good crow, near-end Pita regression trainingThe near-ended Dannis-Pitta returns to the training field on Thursday, the Barndia Crow with the tweet account to show his training performance with a video.

The 29-year-old Pita was signed a 5-year 32 million US dollars in the past two seasons in the past two seasons in the past two seasons. The problem now is if he is too fast to return to the game, the doctor will feel more serious about the hips injury.

The second time, Pita recovered from the surgery, the right hip injuries, can be running and brought by the route in personal training. According to local media reports, he once able to grab the ball door beam to do the bodies up. The ESPN reporter reported that his performance looks “more fluent” earlier this year.

This year’s horses and Josh McDaniels are a good example. Pony announced McDaniels after the end of the super bowl will become their new coach, but the latter is temporarily changing, and choosing to stay in the patriots as an offensive coordinator. Xiao Ma had to start a new round of search. Fortunately, they will talk to Frank Reich, find new coach.

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