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Allen and tactics tailored for the reinforcement offensive group will give Allen a chance to achieve greater success in sophomore season. His performance will determine the success in the new season of the Bill.

Peterson said: I am a very good ball.Beijing June 14th, the most famous transaction in this session is obviously Adrian Peterson to the New Orleans Saints. We don’t know if he is a running guard who is good at catching the ball. So will he be willing to run the ball of Drew Brees?

The second grade of the steel man is arrested due to unlicensed drivingBeijing July 1st News Pittsburgh Steam Horn Vietary Artie Burns was arrested by Miami police on Thursday night by a revocation driver’s license.

According to the police report, the SUV carried by Berns was carried out by the police. He could not show his own driver’s license, and the police later confirmed that his driver’s license has been revoked.

“Last year, I think I did enough, I have to face everything & mdash; & mdash; in the first year of the NFL, a lot of people want you to go in different directions,” Allen said. “This year, I studied up and old together what I like, what I do not like it. He believed that my preference. If there are offensive tactics he wants to use, but I do not like it, he would not employ this tactic. So, we are cultivating such trust. “

Florez was previously taught for 15 years in the new England Patriots, so he knew how to win. But now the strength of dolphins is close to the union bottom, how to lead the team to win a problem for him.

Murray and Matthews are willing to share the timeIn the backcourt line of Philadelphia, Demarco Murray won more appearance time, but Ryan Matthews performance was more efficient. Local time Monday, the eagle will be a deadly enemy Dallas cowgirl, and the two runners are satisfied with the roles they play now in an interview.

Piteson said: “Viking will not let me catch the ball, but this is very fun for me, I started playing American football at the age of 7, many people say that I can’t catch the ball, but I started playing at the age of 7 How can I not catch a ball. “

Murray said: “Who can play is not important, we can use the other party’s rotation object. This may be the highest level experienced in my career, and it is also the closest runoff lineup.” Matthew said: ” When I sign up with the team, I know that I need to share the play time with Darren Sproles. The current situation is very close to what I expected, I can still behave as a substitute. This is not worthy of my personal, only the team. “

Although the dolphins treat each game is trying to win, there is no doubt that the team management decides to sacrifice the current competitiveness for the future. Since the end of the season, a series of decisions of dolphins have shown that the team entered the reconstruction mode. In the past few days, they traded the left side of the Laremy Tunsil, and the External hand Kenny Kenny Stills and Line-Alonso (Kiko Alonso).

The Bill Rules Recent Revision 13-3, since the first weeks of the United States, the United States, the United States, and sequentially defeated the horses and crows in the playoffs. This is the best performance of McDurto, but it is still better than his mentor, taught the eight-year coach Andi REID.

Quarterback Josh – Allen will have a greater say in the Bill offensive tacticsBeijing June 4 news Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian – Da Boer (Brian Daboll) recently said quarterback Josh – Allen (Josh Allen) can can as a starter this year, four in a whole offseason point guard for the latter to participate in training is really very good.

So far, Murray holds 88 times, advances 307 yards, one code 3.5 yards; Matthew holds 56 times, advance 342 yards, one code 6.1 code. In the past 3 weeks, Murray’s performance has great improvement, and churly Chip Kelly also sets more more appropriate tactics, and he reaches 4.4 yards during the period. In the second week with the cowboy, Murray held the 2 yards in 13 times. This week, his goal is naturally proved to prove its value in front of the old east.

McDold said: “The two teams still have a gap. This problem is not solved by simple answers. All of our people, cheap Jerseys from china me, need to continue from the province, ask yourself. Our coach needs It’s better, the big list needs to be enhanced, and the operation needs to be improved. “

In his rookie season, Allen has been in the habit of NFL and being troubled by a shoulder injury, which means that as the season he performed not have much time together analysis and Da Boer offensive tactics. And this offseason Alan have a chance to shape their own preferences offensive tactics.

In fact, when Viking’s quadrant is Brett Favre, Peterson is relatively better at 2009 and 2010, and he completed 43 battles in the 2009 season, 2010 He completed 36 battles. These two seasons are also his only two seasons. The number of balls have exceeded 300 yards.

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