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US time on Thursday, reporters revealed that Brradi’s first personal book will be released in September, the name of the book “The TB12 Method: How to achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance” (12 Braddy Road: How to keep the peak in life State.) It is reported that the book will reveal Brradi and a different way of training and training and health methods.

Although the previous team did once said that Crawn’s current recovery is quite gratifying, but the team will put it in the list of “due to physical reasons” for insurance. Crawn received bone microcrack repair surgery in December last year, which will be officially re-commented in September, and now, according to multi-party news, Crawn’s recovery is in progress on the class.

9 years agoTexas people return the Crawni to the time of June 17Houston Trin Chan Catholic Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) During the interview with Sunday team training camp, reporters said that the team planned in August 17 to let the team to make Judevian-gram JADEVEON CLOWNEY is coming out. According to the team plan, Claien will absent the first week of the season.

Blanci also said that the patriots selected a new show, Jimmy Garoppolo, may be enough to let Bilgek continue to stay in the future for a long time. “I want to have another challenge in front of the Bilipk coach,” Brace said. “I think he will be willing to continue and conquer it.”

After successful, Cox contributed the total score of +5.8, ranking the fifth place in all corner, and 3 copies of CDs also arranged in the Alliance. In addition, the passage of the passage to the Cox defensive direction is only 46.7% successful. With the rapid recovery, wholesale jerseys 49 people will face the two difficult choices of the first left corners in the near future.

Now, Beckham wants his left hand to complete the incredible catching ball as the right hand, so he sets his own goal: “My left hand is not as flexible as the right hand, so I tried to make them balance. This is my recent I will have a better breakthrough. “In order to achieve the goal, Beckham will use the left hand every day: brush your teeth, shoot, throw baseball, and use non-supported foot to train.

However, it is, it is estimated that the master’s head of Tom Coughlin should still hope that Beckham will take the ball with both hands. The nearest training in Cabin has said: “Please use your hands, thank you. I really thank you Bakeham. Please use your hands, this will be safer.”

But a player who used to be effective in him think that there will be no such thing. “Everyone wants to say, & lsquo; Hey, guy, he will always bring the team until Braddy leaves, & rsquo;” DEON BRANCH “deion branch told NFL official website. “I think his ambition is bigger, because Billycy loves football.”

Brace spent 7 seasons in patriots, he believes that Billych will prove that he can rely on another quarter to win. “I understand the love of Bradi, but at the same time, I think he also wants to continue, showing him to cultivate a young Drew Bledoe, he can rely on another Tom-Brea Di win ball, “Blanch said. “He wants to accept the next challenge. I think this is what Bill think.”

Cocks originally reused in the 49 people. In the middle of the season, it was also cut off by the team last season. He later gone in the Hawks to go to the post. In this year’s break, Cox was re-signed by 49 people. Because of the first-handed left corner, TRAMAINE BROCK, the first battle in the season, sprated the toe early in the game, Cox became the first person of the team.

Brackic: Brady retire does not mean that Billycy is from the teamThere are many people suspect whether there is a Bill Belichick in the new England Patriots Star 4-point Guou Brady, whether Bill Belichick will eventually leave the patriot.

The original dragon set is one of the best players in the first half of the 49-person season. The regular season is close to half. If you want to choose a most valuable player in the 49 people in the San Francisco, then Perrish Cox is undoubtedly one of the most powerful competition.

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