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The new defensive coordinator of the wild horses, Wade Phillips, added the team’s raid frequency, making the team in the middle of the league, the number of anti-passwords, and the first defensive efficiency and killing The number will lead the alliance. There were 11 players in the team to complete the killing, and except the wild horses, only 6 teams completed 11 killing.

Earlier this week, some media reported that the giants had been withdrawn from the new approximately 60 million US dollars provided by Pierre-Paul. According to the report, there is no intention to accept the team’s contract. In Pierll Paul returned to the venue, and proved that he can still contribute to the team, the contract will not have any progress.

Wild Horse Side Rushing Combination Demarcus Ware and Von Miller are the team’s defensive core, and the two have completed 25 times and 24 times respectively, lead alliance. Plus the defensive front line and stable second-line in the anti-run, the wild horse has the strongest defensive group.

The teacher is unfavorable packaging work, the first battle is the first battle.Bryan Bulaga in the Green Bay Packaging Team was injured in the unveiled battle. It has already determined that he will not be able to return to this game.

Last season, the injury hindered the development of Wakaro. After 12 games played, he entered the injury reserve list and ended in advance. He received core muscle surgery. When the break is interviewed, Waacalo said that he has been fully rehabilled.

From the data from the data, Dezhou’s defense does not have any regression. And last season, the Dezhou’s defensive group lined up the team into the second round of the playoffs. This season, the team’s defensive group obviously wants to continue to help the team go further. “At present, our record is 3-3,” team defensive coordinator Mike & Middot; Vibel said, “I think we are doing well, of course, there is high-glossy defensive moment, there is no good defense. No matter The coach is still a player, I hope and work hard to make the high-gloss time more, and less time is not good. “

In the past four years, Griffin has played 39 games, and 26 games were first harvested 175 times (105 times alone), 18.5 killing, 2 cyclash and 11 times destroyed. He has been selected twice, and he is an AAC all-in-law or 2016 AAC’s best defensive player.

After a week of round, the team will challenge the Hawks away, which will further test the team’s defensive strength. This week, the opponent Titan and the American tiger have achieved victory. For Texas, on the one hand, the rookie needs a rookie four-point Wei Watson lead the offensive group to continue, on the other hand, the team defensive group is a score, Texas People can’t have any mistakes on the road to the partition championship.

Griffin is 183cm high and body weight is 103kg. In the body test, he has achieved 40 yards screwdrivers of 4.38s, ranking first, and completed 20 bursts. The Hawks are expected to make him the same task with the current radar defensive end / external Weight, Bruce Irvin. We can look forward to Griffin’s rushing, perhaps he can also see him in the special group.

Pierl Paul’s fireworks, which also made people think of the Famous Hall of Safety, Sannie Lott. After receiving a small thumb, he still fought for 8 years in the alliance. As the defensive end, Pierre-Paul needs to use his own hands and offensive front lines. At present, we do not determine how much the amputation will cause his performance.

Tak: The defensive man of the wild horse is incredibleThis week, Danfang horses will be against the Auckland raid, and the performance of the raid people’s appearance is bright, but they will face the most difficult challenges this week. At the defensive group of asked the wild horses, the raid guards defended Justin Tuck said: “This is incredible.”

Pier Poro accepts finger amputation surgeryNew York Giant Defensive Diffuse Sensen Pierre Paul This week was injured in the hands of fireworks accidents. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporters, Pierre – Paul has agreed to accept the right hand to refer the incutant surgery. According to reports, amputation will benefit Pierl-Paul’s recovery, which will shorten the recovery time. The reporter also revealed that if there is no accident, 2 months later Sir-Paul can return to the game.

The Hawks were signed in the fifth round of Griffin. Griffin had to cut off the whole left hand because of innate disease, but this did not hinder him to continue to chase the dream. Griffin said: “I have been waiting for this phone call, emotional is difficult to make homemade. I seem to breathe, forget how to talk & hellip; & hellip; language is difficult to express my excitement.”

His twin brothers Shaquill Griffin served as angular guards in the Hawks. Saquel said: “Every day I will mention my brothers’ name & hellip; & hellip; they (Haiying uniforms) have also said they have loved my brothers and respect for my family.”

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