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Tyreek Hill said: “I feel that no one in the league can defain us, not not respecting. I just confident to myself and teammates, including running guards and near-end. I feel that there is no defensive defender lineup, second-line lineup, line guard, or defensive system can prevent us. People are not enough to be afraid, but if we use the area to deal with us will only be more miserable. “

Sea Various Hand Clailney: Focus on the game, not consider the contractJadeveon Clowney is already one of the important rushing power of Hawks. He has been in the outside, and the total 44 compulsive is completed. 32 times prompted four-dimensional fast forward, 9 times quartz Impact, 3 times.

Claien was labeled with Texas in the snorkeling season. He also signed the label contract. At present, the Hawk pays the salary of this contract. Whether he stays in Seattle, the amount of the next contract will be very considerable.

[Event Preview] sixth week of the regular season Sunday Night game giant Mustang @Sixth regular-season game week in and week day and night, is a collision between two partitions, if the New York Giants went plateau to reach a “decisive battle mile high” achievement? But for now, the Giants offensive comprehensive set Xiecai difficult to account for cheap Denver Broncos body.

Carolina Black Panther and Safety, Coleman, for 3 yearsAlthough the contract negotiations with the defensive cutaine cards – Schott (Kawann Short) are deadlocked, Carolina Black Leopard and the old Safety Wei Kurt Coleman successfully renewed.

49 people’s new show, Elington is expected to come back this week Previously injured San Francisco 49 people’s new Xiu Bruce Ellington is expected to debut in the game with the Auckland raid this Sunday, Al Lington abandoned in the 9th of last month. Sprain the ankle when I kicked back.

This season, Elington has always been the main attack hand of the 49 people. At present, the number of times of kicking and discarding the attack is 14 times and 17 times, which are the most in the team. Elington’s injury is even helping the team’s second-line defense, because during its injury, his attack mission has been a corner of Perrish Cox, which makes defensive coordination Vike Vic Fangio is quite a headache. There is an Elington to attack, the team can not let our main corner guards unnecessary injuries.

Patriots never like the NBA San Antonio Spurs, Bill – Bailey Cech (Bill Belichick) and Tom – Brady (Tom Brady) over the past decade is the best combination of generals, just the Spurs won the NBA championship experience tells us , an extremely skilled team will always stand in the ranks of the title race does not fall, and this is now the Patriots have the largest weight title race last season and then bad, they are still grappling to the last one before the final AP lost to the Broncos this season, they make up a strong defensive line after other position remained the original configuration, the team’s overall strength only strong not weak, so the Patriots is the key word — stable.

But the Chief of the Kansas City is a completely different opponent. The offensive group under Andy Reid is full, so that the opponent is difficult to deal with. The regional defensance will be displaced hard, people are staring at the arm and movement capabilities of Patrick Mahomes.

Hill’s self-confident active. According to the statistics of the next generation, when the person is staring at the defense, the aviation target of Mahms can separate 3.1 yards with the defensive players, 0.3 yards higher than the NFL average; the data is 4.4 yards when the regional defense is .

Crawn said: “Now I care about the game for the eagle. There are many players to fight, I hope to focus on the season itself. I don’t care too much after the future, one game played a game We have the likely to complete special achievements & hellip; & hellip; this is what I am now focusing, helping the team, trying to enter the playoffs, and enter the super bowl. “

Jets very simple, offense and defense in recent years, both groups regressed significantly, but the thin dead camel than Ma, they seem to be moving in every season 8-8 goals, such as a large contingent difficult and may even be fell into the lottery to compete for the group. Titans and Jets similar, and Ray Hunt Wesson – Houghton (Ray Horton) let two outstanding coaches join the Titans improved a lot on the offensive and defensive tactics, but their performance in the offseason is very disappointing, plus main quarterback Jack – Locke (Jake Locker) is a name of “glass”, coupled with a lack of qualified behind the bench, the Titans difficult prospect to look forward to.

Saints dormant season after another comeback in the playoffs last season, Hmdff.com which Sean – Payton (Sean Payton) and the return of Rob – Ryan (Rob Ryan) to join is inescapable relationship, they let the Saints become more balanced offense and defense, emphasis on anti-pass formation is also more responsive to the NFL trend. Said 1000 10000, their biggest problem is that the main road record that much difference, plus the playoffs last season, a total of 18 games, 8 straight victories at home, away 4 wins and 6 losses, with playmaker Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) in cold weather, the performance will be greatly reduced, this will be their biggest Vital. But once they played excellent record during the regular season and then get home-court advantage, then the Saints will be very late in the race terror, the saints is the key word — home.

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