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In addition, the red skin also signed an external hand-Davis (Robert Davis), Robert Davis, will start the Gerrius Guice and the defensive front line member Kelly cloth – Blante (Caleb) BRANTLEY) Add a list of injuries.

Carol: Lynch may play against the Beijing-TianjinLocal time Monday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll announced that MARSHAW LYNCH has been prepared in this week. The beast run will return to the game after absent 2 months. Carol also said that the team still needs to make a final decision through observing Linqi’s training.

Carol said: “I feel that his situation is very good.” According to the NFL official website reporter, Lin Qi returned training means he has resumed health. The 5th occupational bowl running guard will be considered a key ring in the Golden Season. Their goal is naturally a superb bowl again.

If Capenik joins the sea eagle and has to come to the scene, the Hawks offensive group can make his ability to use it. The sea eagle has always dare to sign the bold players. The team defensive end Michael Bennett said in March, it was said that the team should want a leader like Capenik to join the team.

This trial will be the first chance of Kelnik in this year’s snaps, he has to prove that the rumors he lacks the willingness will be rumors. The 29-year-old Katnik will also get the opportunity to demonstrate that it can participate in the competition after returning due to injuries.

Nfl official website reporter Ian Rapople reports on Wednesday, in accordance with the informed news, the Seattle Hawks will soon be able to meet a batch of substitutes, while Capenk is in this group of people. .

“This is their training.” The referee said. “He will do this here and then don’t take the consequences. But if he thinks he can do this in the game and don’t take the consequence, he is wrong. I still report this matter to the league.”

He said: “We can always hear some players say” Let me leave a little trail in the league. “It’s really tired, I will tell you what is trace, not how much money, don’t have more famous, this is a journey, walk to the end. You need to have yourself this year. thing, since the 1960s, has been 55 years, and I tell you, we have five Super Bowl, I do not care how much you get here, you need to work, 55,5,50 you understand? 55-5 = 50. I don’t care about you here, don’t care about you here, please make sure you insist on this year, you are the best team worth this super bowl. “

However, since 90 years later, Owen’s leaving, the Dallas denim missed the Super Bowl for one year. Recently, on the global ceremony of Cowboy, Owen issued a speech to encourage the denim to fight for 50 superbals.

According to reports, when Brown failed to complete the ball after completing the ball in the array, it was dissatisfied with the decision of the referee. Brown said: “You have a free lunch but you still have not made a penalty today.” Brown also said something else not to report.

When receiving the radio interview, Pete Carroll was asked whether the team would consider signing the big four-point satellite-Katon Kaepernick or Robert-Griffin III. (Robert Griffin III) as a possible substitute.

It is now a group of players who have entered the league in Russel Wilson: Trevone Boykin, Jake Heaps and Skyler – Howard Skyler Howard. Wilson’s career never missed the first, but last season was hit by injuries after a poor offensive front line with poor performance.


RG3 has a bad performance last season and is injured, and cheap jerseys there is no team in this year’s break.


This year’s snap-in-season Hawks have been considered to be one of Kelnek’s offers. In the past two seasons, Katnik also worked in the past two seasons and attracted national anthem protesters.

“We are considering everyone. We are really,” Carol said. “We have been tracking everything that is happening, we have a wage hat and a lineup of these issues should be properly managed. But honestly said, yes, we are considering everyone.”

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