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At present, Peterson has not disclosed or traded. His could be required to leave the team to make the days of Viking, but there are many reasons to believe that he will finally stay in Minnesota. Viking is obviously willing to pay him a $ 12.75 million salary next season, which will make him the highest rape efforts. Viking wants to win in the next season, giving up Portson will not help them.

Melvin – Gordon (Melvin Gordon) of the field finally have some heroic past of the red ball, he rushed the ball 20 times, advancing 80 yards, two touchdowns. Austin – Yi Kele (Austin Ekeler) to be outdone, rushed the ball 12 times advancing 70 yards.

Mustang past five games to win the next three games, how many swept away the haze victorious start to the season. And Brown has been four-game losing streak, exciting offseason seems Epiphyllum a dream.

Lavlo said that the packageman finally choase, because he is still an optional player in the team draft plan. At that time, the players in front of him have been taken away by other teams, so the choice is only considered for the best option, instead of being replaced.

0 seconds to kill! The packaging staff is fortunate to reverse the lionBeijing During December 4, the Detroit Lion team ushered in the second match of the season and Green Bay packaging. The packaging workers have not been ahead of 60 minutes, but fortunately gain a chance to fight in 0 seconds, and successfully reversed the lion! The score of the whole game is 27:23.

Brown advanced to the first half, had 21 yards, 12 yards, 9 yards, 12-yard line, but the ball is over four times to kick score. The third quarter advance to 5-yard line, Brown chose to play strong, but Baker – Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) his red ball did not succeed.

3:23 left in the game, Brown & choose 4 4 ​​strong play, Mayfield’s connection attempt Jarvis – Landry (Jarvis Landry), did not see the foul line to throw off small – Chris Harris (Chris Harris Jr.) small Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.). Beckham completed the field the ball five times, advancing 87 yards. Mayfield completed 42 passes 27 times, advancing 273 yards, one touchdown. Landry completed 6 times the ball, advancing 51 yards.

Raiders first-round running back Josh – Jacobs (Josh Jacobs) rushed the ball 28 times, advancing 120 yards, completed two touchdowns. The victory helped the Raiders will improve record to 4-4, still have a chance to compete in the American League playoff spot. The Lions (3-4-1) probably only a theoretical possibility. General Manager Bob – Quinn (Bob Quinn) and Matt – Pa Cui Xia (Matt Patricia) need to reflect on himself.

The Black Panther’s leader recently announced the team’s adjustment: “He is now in the saints, I will guarantee that they will do every effort to get our information about us. Romer is a smart person, so we have to do it for offensive Adjustment, we need to change many things. “

Peterson welcomes the team’s head of Mike, Mike Zimmer, and General Manager Rick Spielman, which is the strong signal of both parties to reach certain consensus. A reconstruction contract with more guaranteed income for Peterson may be a good way to let him stay. Although the team like Arizona may be interested in Peterson, it is not clear whether they can give him such a high salary like Viking.

Run Wende – Gordon: Regret to the Lightning Disbate Commissioning last seasonIn order to get a new contract, the Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon) has chosen the dismissive last season and absent the team’s first 3 games. This matter has caused a sensation, but he has never wishes to get a new contract of Los Angeles lightning.

Romer completed a one-year contract with New Orleans in June. He returned to the saints he stayed. This shows that the Saint wants to transform his second line defense, but this is not only the second line of the Saint Defense has been affected.

In the first game, the lion team at home was a dream opening. The first round of attack kicks a 51 yard free kick. The second round of offensive, Matthew Stafford a fast direct direct transmission of 3 yards of Eric Ebron’s Eric Eric Eric. Follow the defensive group to turn to James Jones James Jones. This responsibility is on Jones, but the butter hand. Staffolded this gift, just a 17-yard pass to Calvin Johnson in Dali District, helping the lions gain 17: 0 in the first quarter. The packaged offensive group did not have a half of his own half.

Offensive red zone efficiency is a drag, Brown Broncos entered the red zone five times, but had 19 points. First start of his career Broncos quarterback Brandon – Alan (Brandon Allen) thereby get first win.

Seahawks had the opportunity to seal the victory in the regular season, but lost Myers kick 40 yards free kick, which is the third of the field Myers shots not in before he missed a kick, one additional minute shot.

The outcome of the game of suspense maintained until the last minute. Until recent three seconds of the game, Lions quarterback Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) fourth gear failure strong play, one yard end zone before passing the connection failed, the Raiders finally lock the victory.

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