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After the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Haiying completed a beautiful series of offensive, successfully promoted to the 29th code of the wild horse half. Subsequently, Hashkka debuted in the third time. Hawks 16:14 complete the ultra-superchard. In the fourth quarter, there is still 7 minutes and 30 seconds, Osville has completed a 34-yard long-passing, Jordan Norwood, completed a pass to the array. The Hawks 16:21 are superior by wild horses. At the end of the fourth quarter, the Terrelle Pryor is called in the Red District, and the wild horse is basically locked. Then there were no build trees in both sides. In the end, the wild horses were played at 21:16 to defeat the Hawks and reported the enemy of the super bowl 35.

The team is currently enjoying the honeymoon after the victory of the super bowl, but they all care about John Elway how to deal with the four-guard position. Manning has not announced himself to retire, although more and more people guess he won’t return, there is also a new contract for the negotiation of Osville. Osville may test the free player market and then find that there will be many teams willing to spend a lot of money in the four-guard position.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Chief of Kansas City, which said the Emirates of the Kansas City is reported to the injury reserve list. Charles needs to accept the second knee surgery, although his injuries are unclear.

Summary: Crow and Line Wi Jack – Len Signing for a yearAfter the Green Bay packaging worked for three years, Line Wi Jack Ryan was played in two games last year. After the injury season reimbursement.

If a team can be rated as MVP, then the patriot defensive group should be the benevolent. If there is a coach can win, cheap Jerseys then the Bryan Florez (Brian Flores) responsible for the defensive command can represent the team award.

Subsequently, the wild horse sent a substitute quarter-free BROCK OSWEILER. The latter has repeatedly tried, but they are all tough to have a hard defensive block of Hawks. In the work of the game, there is still 3 minutes, the wild horse tried to fail to fail at 54 yards. In the subsequent competition, the Hawks have gained a chance to shoot any ball. The sea eagle played STEVEN HAUSCHKA, and completed a 41 yard. Hawks anti-Musa. Thereafter, the two sides did not build a tree. At the end of the half, the Hawks 10: 7 wild horses.

The defending Champion Hawk shows his tough defense, and the wild horse has had to choose to abandon it. Subsequently, the first attack of the sea eagle also returned, and the attack was once again gave a wild horse. At the beginning of the first quarter, 10 minutes were 39 seconds, Pedon Manning led the offensive group debut. In this series of offensions, Manning showed a good pass. Despite the large number of fouls, this did not mess with Manning’s tactical deployment, and the wild horses quickly advanced to the red area of ​​the sea eagle, and was completed by Ronnie Hillman. Reach. Wild Horse 7: 0 leads. This series of offensions in the wild horse lasted nearly ten minutes, and in the case of several long code conversions, Pedton Manning showed excellent control.

Wild horses running Hirman: I don’t want to get away from OsvilleAlthough still uncertain Denver Broncos quarterback position in the future, some players such as running back Ronnie – Hillman (Ronnie Hillman) for the public expression of Brock – Support Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler) of & mdash; & mdash; Not replacing PEYTON Manning but should be resolved in anyway.

Two defense of the bear team or absent Thanksgiving Wars Chicago Bear Catholic Mark Trestman told reporters on Tuesday, the team’s Lance Brigs and the Kyle Fuller may It is necessary to make a decision that can be debuted on the day of the game. The bear team will be a Detroit lion in the Bank of Thanksgiving on Thursday.

After the preparation of the Staff of the Indianapolis hippo last week, Charles did not enter the list. After the game, the coach Andy REID said Charles will visit the famous expert James Andrews seek views. Charles obviously did not get good news.

When I returned to the court next time, he was already a crow player. According to NFL NetWork reporters, the crow is signing the contract with Ryan, and is currently waiting for the results of the medical examination.

The second half is first attack, but their offensive ends with the tartz jackson. Subsequently, the wild horses were again acquired, and they were completed by the Substrate Run Bebs (Kapri Bibbs). The wild horses are completed at 14:10. In this time, the wild horse has a suspected drop. The Tharold Simon is hit by the wild horse offensive players, and the scene is very confusing. Subsequently, Simon was punished by the Cardinal. In the Hawk’s next wave of attack, Hashkka completed a 40-yard emitted door. Sea Eagle 13:14 will be discussed close. At the end of the third section, the Haiying Corner AJ-Jefferson (A.J. Jefferson) copied the pass of Osville. The third quarter ends, the Hawks 13:14 wild horses.

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