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Josh Norman ridiculous Dez – BryantJosh Norman is one of the candidates of the best defensive players in the season, and he made Dedz Bryant in Thanksgiving Day. The performance makes people memorize.

“Ah, my good brother.” Galley is so described in Baker Ham, “If he can join us, it is too wonderful. I will be very happy, Gaofu will be very happy, McDener is also happy, The boss is happy, and the whole team is happy. “

According to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys television network correspondent Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapopport) and Mike – Jialafoluo (Mike Garafolo) reported that 10-year Texans know their future should be more clearly as the poster boy of the team JJ Watt plan. Watt and the Texans are hoping so.

Since the Shengluos Ram and Philadelphia Eagle, all predictions believe that all forecasts believe that they have selected four-point Guard Goff and from North Dakota State University, since they have selected them from the University of California. Division of Cason – Wenz. Although the two teams have almost finished 10 minutes, they still have no suspense. Goff and Wenz, the best quarters of this year, becomes a champion and list.

Golley believes that herself, the attack group of Sen Mcvay and the four-point Guardian Goff-Gaff (Jared Goff) has been very powerful, but if you can let the recent mad “Austrian” Del-Beckham intends to join the ram “rumors come true, he will be very happy.

In the third time, San Dien lightning unexpectedly went through the best players who have been widely thought that this year’s best players were off-attack cut off. Llemy-Tang Die. They chose the defensive end of the Ohio State University. Boba has been selected in the universal lineup in the university era. The only thing that is a little worried is that Bosa is effective in the 4-3 defensive system in the university, while the defensive system of lightning is 3-4.

Norman also shared the reason why Brynet MrINER tornarinated him and teammates Kurt Coleman completed the Centeses, and made Branet’s X gestures. He said: “I made a communication with Kurt, then he completed the copy, and I told him: You see, now we will return those garbage to the opponent, let you go back.”

Wilson and Braddy are friends who can interworking.Seattle Hawks 4-point Warael Wilsell Wilson revealed in the super bow, there is a good friend who often emails often, that is, New England Patriots 4-point Guou Tom Brady. Wilson revealed that the two are exchanged through email, they have seen the other party as a good friend.

Wilson said on Wednesday in local time: “I am not sure that I have to open this thing. I have known Tom through the common friends of Wisconsin. Now we often communicate through email, we are already very good friends.” Wilson It is revealed that two people have not been directly communicating in the last two weeks.

Wilson said: “Before the start of the playoffs. I told me the friend: & lsquo; Hey, I want to meet Tom in the playoffs. & Rsquo; now, I have done this, we all look forward to this Zhou’s game. More interesting is that the friend tells me that Tom has sent him the same information almost the time. This is very interesting, very wonderful. “

Texans will decide on the future of Watts in this offseason. At present no one knows what the decision would be. But according to NFL television network reporter James – Palmer (James Palmer) reported that Texans players and coaches agree that Watts has no longer play the game for the Texans. Many people, he said at the end of the last race of the season in the locker room generally think so.

Defensive end J.J. Watt or will leave this offseason TexansWhen the quarterback DeShawn – when Watson (Deshaun Watson) demanded a trade news attracted all the attention, the Houston Texans in front of another star player has become the fate of the unknown.

Since being candidates in Texas since the first round in the 2011 draft, Watt a long period of time is the most league’s top defensive player. He was selected to the Pro Bowl five times, five All-NBA while three-time All-NBA Second array, three times as the best defensive player of the year, twice the number of the league single-season sack first.

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