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[I, olive] My name is yuki, be a cheerleader in NFL.

My name is Cai Qixin, English name yuki

I have been a team member of the NFL Houston Texas, and the captain, knock off nfl jerseys for sale just retired.

In China, I am a student in the dance department of the Art School, a girl who likes to perform dancing. After arriving at the United States, everything happened to have a recreditable change after watching a rugby game with his father.

After seeing the performance of Texas people, I want to dance, let me decide to participate in the selection of the team cheerleaders. After signing up, I tell my family, my parents feel that I am crazy, because I have to be a NFL professional cheerleader, I have to go through 4 rounds, I have to face very strong opponents. For those who don’t have experience in the cheerleaders, it is more difficult, and I have supported me in my family!

I didn’t have any experience when I participated in the first year. After entering Final 50, I regret that the official member is set. I have not discouraged after the election, but continue to go to dance lessons, improve the level of different dance types, and more about everything about the movement of rugby.

I tried again in the second year, I finally became a member of the NFL Houston Texas. Life, open a new chapter!

After entering the official team, the coach will hire our professional fitness coach, three to four training we can help us maintain physical conditions and health habits in the season. Before the season, there were still three-day special cheerleading camp, not only let us prepare for the season, but also enhanced the sisters in the team.

& Darr; Here, it is a few important part of my work & Darr;

Volunteer day

In the seasons, the Houston Texas Corps will hold volunteers, and everyone can participate freely. We went to the Kindergarten to make a volunteer, reclaimed the garden, and built a tour area to help the hules of the hurricane. It is hoped that there are more people in the future to join the volunteer day to volunteer, so that our city is better.

Vancouver Tour, Canada

NFL Play 60 is an event that encourages children to participate in outdoor sports, maintaining a good wholesale jersey websites habit of living a day. This time I gave a delay team with the three teammates, with the team players 95 Christian – Coventon, go to the latter Vancouver’s alma mater to hold his first Play 60 football training camp. Play with your child and let them understand the rugby culture and develop love sports, active habits.

Super bowl experience

The 51st super bowl held in Houston, as the host, we participated in Super Bowl Experience and Super Bowl Live, asked with fans from different places, knowing their football story, how big is the charm of rugby again .

Work work

Every game gives me a difference. Seeing the efforts of the players in the field, I would like to cheer for their wonderful performance. However, every time I saw a player’s injury, I could only let my players turned into a posture that players injured, quietly waiting and prayed that they can stand up, rather than being injured. .


Every year, we will choose 12 cheerleaders as the month representative, the production calendar, this year, I was fortunate to be Miss May, gratitude to the fans who bought the calendar. Thank you. All income of the Signature Limited Edition and the Normal Edition will join the Texans Care Charity Fund for public welfare activities held by Texas.

From the final row of cheerleaders, one of the four captains in the team, they have long helped their families, coaches and teammates. Asian cheerleaders in NFL are very small, my coach has been constantly encouraged and guiding me, and giving me the greatest support with Chinese fans.

Thanks My parents have always supported me, thank you Dad because I turned from a cowboy fan into a Texas people fans. Thanks to Coach Alto to choose the team, guide and trust me, let me be the captain. Thanks to the teammates support, with me, especially my group, you are the best!

Now I have retired to become the former cheerleaders, but the love of rugby is not reduced. I also hope that more Chinese girls join the NFL cheerleader.

As long as there is a goal,

Go hard!

Because I don’t try,

Never know what will happen in the future!

& mdash; & mdash; yuki

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