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[Event Review] Gaoffa 4 Caspeed, the bear team hits the sheep

On Monday, I made a strong dialogue on the 14th week of the Sunday, the 14th week of the regular season, and the Los Angeles ram was held by the Chicago Bear. 11 wins and 2 losses of Los Angeles have now identified the location of the National United District, and it is expected to enter the original appearance of the first one of the country; and the current 8 wins and 4 losses of Chicago Bear ranks first, The prospect of the playoffs is quite optimistic. The history of history, the two teams last time, in the 2015 season, when the bear team defeated the opponent in Shengluos.

The horses of the home battle first sent off-attack groups, and the young quarter-by-point Ni Mi Trubisky, which was returned, and twice the twice, but he passed the ball. Too long, the ball is easily copied by the marcus peters, the latter is back to the 48 yard to enter the red area of ​​the bear.

The ram offensive group without blowing gray into the Red District did not grasp the opportunity. You can only send 27 yards in Greg Zuerlein, and the ram 3: 0 takes the lead in establishing a leading advantage.

The bear will then use a wave of 6 minutes and 24 seconds as a response & mdash; & mdash; near-end Trie Burton, take a 17-yard, then run to Tarik Cohen (Tarik Cohen) Right Swing pushes 32 yards, and finally playing Cody Parkey) debut 39 yards freezer to pull the score to 3: 3.

The competition enters the second quarter, the ram four points Guardian Gaoff (Jared Goff) is passed by the 2018 first-round showline Wei Luo En, SMTH, after Take the ball 22 yard, come to the 4 cod cable before the distribution!

The bear offensive group of the excellent opportunity is also not available, they can only send the game Ki Di-Paki with a 31x shot of 6: 3 lead.

The ram reached, after the side of the side, the three-speed, abandoned Johnny Hekker, perfectly to discard the tactics, successfully converted the four-speed 7 yards.

After successful continuation of this wave of polite, Jarid Gary passed the four short pass to send the team into a free kick, and 50 yards in Greg-Zulleien, the score became 6: 6, The two teams returned to the same running line.

The last two minutes of the last half can be described in the “confusion”. The two sides will give up each one to abandon each other, the bear team has once again gave the Mitchell – Trusters, and the ball directly gave the male Nick Corner, Nickell Robey-Coleman …

… and the pass at the last moment of Jarid Gaofu also tried to be called. In the first half of the game, the two teams took a score of 6: 6 into the midfield.

The first half of the Los Angeles ram is unfavorable & mdash; & mdash; Jarid Gaofu is killed by Eddie Goldman in the end of this side, and the bear team gets two-point safety division (Safety), score change It is 8:6, and the ram must also kick the ball in the best kick.

The bear offensive group appeared, Allen Robinson completed twice and conversion twice, running two times, running to Tarlic, Koen, after the right side of the shock, the right shot. In the end, I came to the prior to the branch line, Chicago used a deceptive tactical & mdash; & mdash; they played three defensive front line players in the backfinder, the intentions on the surface seem to be strongly impressed by the road, four Divided Mi Trum-Trobeski rushed true, transmitting the ball to the legally engaged in the offensive cutting of Bradley, Bradley Sowell! This big piece is relaxed to complete the ball, helping the bear team expand its leading advantage to 15:6. In this way, the last week’s competition, the recent three times of the Chicago Bear included an offensive front line to catch the ball, once the arrival of the ball reached the array and a defensive front line player drumped.

The ram offensive group was again debut, but the bear star rushed to Khalil Mack rushed out of the Heavy, and took the ball in Jarid – Gaoff; fortunately, the ram was picking up the ball, retained. Ball right. They are ultimately forced to go out.

The competition entered the end of the third section, the two teams four defense contributed a back-to-back cladding performance. John Johnson III puts the passage of Mitchell – Trusters, Jarid Gary’s Passing is also attached to the Kyle Fuller. . Tuseki can only take the helmet on the ground after harness the helmet.

The competition entered the fourth quarter, Jarid Gaoff is short-lived, Robert Woods, the latter holds the 29 yards. After entering the free kick, the 40-yield of the Greg-Zullene is biased, and the ram is still 9 points behind. After moving the bear team, the ram offensive group was only 6 minutes and 44 seconds left at the game, but with Jarid Gaofu, it was killed when they face four gears. Two balls The right rash is basically lost.

Chicago playing the ball Ki Di-Paki shot lost 38 shot gates to see a line of life again, but Jarid Gaoff’s four-speed ball was copied by Princis Amkamara. Take it, this is the fourth pass of the game in this game being copied. In the end, wholesale nfl jerseys the game is over, the Chicago Bear is 15: 6 defending the country, Los Angeles, the three-game winning of the ram, consolidating its partition rankings.

Player data:

Chicago bear

Siye Mi Chel – Tusseki 30 biography 16, 110 yards, one size 3.7, 1 Dali 3 copies, 1 time being killed, quad-branch scored 33.3;

Run Dan Dan – Howard 19 Washing, 101 Code, wholesale nfl jerseys supply One Size 5.3;

External hand Allen Robinson 5 baton, 42 yards.

Los Angeles

Quartz Jareide Gaoff 44 passed 20, 180 yards, one size 4.1, 0 reached 4 copies, 3 times were killed, quit; four-point guard 19.1;

Run Todder – Galli 11 Washing, 28 yards, one code 2.5;

Extraction Robert – Woods 7 bathes, 61 yards.

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