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Packageman and nfl jerseys Runa Wei Alon – Jones for 4 years

US Sunday reported that ESPN reporters reported that the Aaron Jones will follow the Green Bay packaging for 4 years, with contract salary of $ 48 million, wholesale jerseys free shipping including $ 13 million signed bonuses.

Jones’s broker said: “We can also get a higher price contract in the free market, but Alon hopes to stay in the package.” Jones said in live: “I am very happy to continue playing at the beginning of your career.”

Jones is a wedding show in the packwork in 2017. Although it is absent wholesale nfl jerseys from china two games last season, the 1104-yard shock will be completed (the League 4), and the occupational bowl is selected. This is also Jones for the second year of consecutive year, the 2019 season, wholesale jerseys free shipping he pushed 1084 yards, completed 19 times. In the past four years in the past four years, Jones scored 3364 yards, reached 37 times.

The packaging workers have launched contract negotiations since February last year, because of the dissatisfaction of the guarantee, Jones replaced the broker. According to reports, the contractual annual salary provided by the package will reach the fifth, but the amount of guarantee is not satisfactory.

In order to cope with Jones or Jamal Williams, the packaging workers use two rounds of running to run the running guard A.j. Dillen (A.j. Dillon) as an insurance last year.

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