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Browna: I “beg” coach cover defensive Matthewas

In the super bowl, the Seattle Hawie took over Kris Matthews became a monk. He bought a ball in the game 4 times, and the 109 yard is accompanied by 1 time. He did not complete a ball in the regular season, cheap china jerseys free shipping but he became famous in the super bowl. He successfully completed 44 yards and 45 yards, which was one of the heroes in the leading process of the Hawks.

For this strange troops, New England Patriots Gu Brandon Brandon Browner said after the game, he had a “plead” coach in the game to use the coverage defense against Matthew. Brownner said: “Our defensive players are very high, we need to defend him with a more reasonable way.”

In the third quarter, cheap jerseys Matthew completed 45 yards at Kyle Arrington. Although Elington accounted for a favorable body, his body is still not enough to help him hold the ball. Therefore, Brownner requires safety guards to use the coverage defense against Matthew. Brownner after the game also said that Matthews will have more bright future in the Alliance.

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