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The Jaguchi will continue to make the quadrant

Beijing October 23, four points, Blake Bortles, will continue to stay in the first lineup of the American tiger.

The Jagua Coach Doug – Monday announced on Monday that after 20-17 people in Dezhou on Sunday, he still insisted on the lineup of Botes first, Cody Kessler.

“I gave two quarters this afternoon, Brake will continue to serve as the first.” Malone said: “I believe this will win the biggest chance.”

This means that Botes will continue to take the ball after the game of the eagle next week. At the same time, the Jamar Charles was cut off. This old will run only six shocks in two games, and push the seven yards.

In 12 passes, Botes completed 6 counseling 61 yards, there were 2 times, and he did not play in the second half. When the ratio was 20 to 0, Malone changed his starting player, and Casille, which was replaced, cheap jerseys completed 21 times in 30 passes, and promoted 156 yards, one of which has an interpretation. .

The biggest cause of Botes is might here: he did not show his ability to replace Botes as the first time: in the short play time of Kessler. Although Botes’ performance is also far from last year, it is far cheap nfl jerseys from china last year, and his performance in the Meeting competition made him a three-year contract in the offset period.

We still don’t know if the American tiger will work hard to find a reliable substitute before the deadline of the transaction on the 30th. Botus is not good, the American tiger is only the main reason for the record of 3-4. If he can’t adjust in time, the chance of Jaguo will re-enter the playoffs this year.

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