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Dolphin coach: Fitz Patrick leads in the first quarter-off competition

Beijing July 30, in the first quarter of the Miami Dolphin, Ryan Fitzpatrick continued to be better than Josh Rosen.

After the training camp of dolphins almost one week, the team coach Brian Florez confirmed that Fitz Patrick’s performance was significantly better.

“From the four-dimensional angle of surge, it is obvious that Len Fitz Patrick is in a leading position,” said Florez.

When the dolphins started training camp, Fitz Patrick was determined as a quarter-saving, wholesale nfl jerseys from china all reports, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china so far he seems to be more excellent.

“His performance is better. Finally, this is the most important thing,” Florez said, and he also mentioned the leadership of Fitz Patrick and Fitz Patrick “Efficient” operation offensive group.

This is Florez to make a clear comment on the first quarter-off competition.

For Rosen, wholesale nfl jerseys online he still has a lot of time wholesale jerseys for sale yourself, and both in the new season will not be unexpected. But when we are getting closer and closer from the season, Fitz Patrick is more likely to serve as the first quarter of the dolphins at the beginning of the regular season.

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