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NFL nearly 50 years classic battles: no password

I said: The player of the Kansas City Emirates Jan Stenerud is due to a major mistake, leading to the team and the Miami seventh dolphine team to fight for Camisetas de fútbol baratas more than 3 hours, camisetas de fútbol replicas and finally being played by the Dolphin team. Yepray Yepremian looked. After that, Stanner Rue has lived in remorse. In fact, it is true that Ye Premian is fine.

In the 1972 season, for the dolphine team, it was a perfect season, which is the only season of unbeaten seasons. However, in such a perfect season, Ye Premian’s personal embarrassment is unlimited, especially at the last moment of the Dolphin Team is about to win the superb bowl.

The seventh super bowl in the 1972 season, the whole dolphins pair in Washington, Washington. This game is a minimum super bowl in history. In the first half of the competition, the dolphins completed all Deta, and the red leather team did not build a tree. Due to 2:07 before the end of the game, the dolphine team won the opportunity again, which is the personal performance time of Ye Prest (& mdash; 42 yard). Array, run, pull the thigh, shoot! The whole move is in an effort, just as usual as usual. He hoped forward, suddenly found the same: “How did this go back ?!”

After all, Camisetas de fútbol baratas it is a professional player. He instantly understands: “It is also an offensive frontline AFLC. Let’s go in the cover and kick. Who is so don’t wait for me, let me have 3 points?” Just thinking about him Earl Morrain has been reacting, flying to the ball.

When I saw the seniors, Ye Premian also criticized the ball to catch the ball, he left the ball, and the ball was bounked twisted, and he was taken by Ye Prest. Mola saw him grabbed the ball and immediately played a fever and stopped a defensive player. Under the protection of Mola, Ye Pram is steadily controlled to the ball. At this time, he thinks about the ideal “I want to be a four-point guard”, he remembers the legendary star George – Branda (George Blanda) Hand and feet, now there is such a good opportunity, you can pass the ball in the super bowl! So he decided to do itself, when he will go, when it is four-point! Although he only got a talent.

However, it is not so good, it is necessary to respond calibration in the face of pressure. Although the player also has a pressure, but compared with the quadrant, the strength is not synonymous.

At this point, another defensive player angle Weike-Bath has been coming, and the Ye Premian warehouse is shot, he hopes forward, suddenly discovered the same: “How did this go back ?!”

After all, it is a professional player. He instantly understands: “It turned out that I also aflc!” Just as he thought, the earth gravitationally had a ball to the ground, and there is no time to react, only reach the ball. However, his hand has broken the lower limit once again, not only passing the ball, but the ball is also a slag, a hard-student, a volleyball, and shoot the ball again. The Bath just arrived, “What is the number of evil gates?” But he didn’t think much, returned to the ball, and turned and attacked.

Mola has just collided with a big and strong man, although the other person was stopped, but he had lost the center of gravity. He saw Ye Premian chose to pass the ball, waiting for the ball to observe the ball. But I saw that the Red Leather has organized back! A defensive player knocked down the Mola who had not standing again.

Said back to Ye Prémian, he realized that he was a big event, but there is also a possibility of compensating, so he began to block the Bars’ backcripplication route. But Bath is not AFLC, he is one of the most stronger 80 people in the history of the Red Leather, and the body is flashed, and the Ye Premian is behind, and then it is reached.

Although the last dolphin won the super bowl at 14-7, Ye Premian is not happy. Many years later, he recalled: “At that time, I really felt that I was dead, and the psychological shadow area was too large. After I returned to the scene, our team spirit leader Num – Evans” tell me. “Norm Evans God is with me, gets his encouragement, I feel better. If the red skin is once again, we have to enter the overtime game, then I will spend the remorse in my life. “

Ye Premian’s pass became the only David of the Red Leather, if he chose to protect the ball, the dolphine team may become the only zero opponent on the superbit. (History Super Bowl Single Score, Minimum Team: The 6th Super Bowl Darlas Cowboy 24: 3 Miami Dolphin)

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