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How can I calculate the completion of the completion?

TouchDown Deta, this is a very simple concept, even if American football white knows what is going to have more things! & mdash; there is a team to score! Everyone knows that there are two kinds of ways in the way, & mdash; holding ball to reach the array area, or passing the ball into the array. But sometimes it is not so simple, especially the new classmates who have just begun to contact Wholesale NFL Jerseys, have questions about the decline in some cases, here is the shallow depth of understanding, how can they be considered.

First, we will talk about the fancy method of running ball attack.

1, people turn over before the boundary

This is actually very easy to judge, and the people are falling in Dali area, and the season is best to reach.

1.5, people can’t get up before the world

2, people diving in the world to reach

Although people are flying outside the world, the last step is to step on the boundary, and the ball is in the Dalian area!

2.5, people diving outside the world will not reach.

3. People do not have outlined to reach

In the boundary, send the ball over the wind, even if it is over.

3.5. People don’t have the line to reach out

At the front of the player, the player lost the control of the ball, even if the ball has reached the zone, it can’t be considered. Worse, once the other party grabs the ball, you can get a counterattack.

The body part is in the body, and then reaches the ball to the ball to reaches the array. First, it is determined to be a dead ball, and then restart a new round of attack according to the position of the ball in the touch.

Summary, the ball running to reach the array, first cannot be in the people’s outliers and dead balls, followed by the reachable zone to keep the ball is controlled. Even if I have hit it back or hit it, as long as there is such a moment, I will enter the reachable area, then I’m going to reach.

Then, we speak the ball attack, and simply say that the ball is connected to the ball even.

So, if the ball is received outside the Dance area, but the body is in the arpper area, is it not worth reaching? Lift an example of a slightly node.

This is a ball of Randy Moss. Only the feet are in the Arhead, how is the referee judges whether it is a ball? According to Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping rules, the bimonics can be outside the DV area, and the ball can also be outside the array area. Before the outbord, the feet have encountered the reachable area, even if the ball is reached. If there is only one foot in the world, the other is on the world, it is not to be more than.

In addition, if the feet falls in the reachable area, it is not to reach the ball.

Overall, the passing of the ball is to ensure that people should be in the Dance area and control the ball.

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