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Youku and nfl jerseys professional football big alliance reached a strategic cooperation

On December 14, Beijing time, Youku and NFL Professional Rugby Union (hereinafter referred to as NFL) announced the establishment of a digital partnership. The NFL and Youku cooperation marks the strength of the world’s first professional football alliance and China’s leading digital video platform. This will become an important position of NFL to attract Chinese fans, explore the Chinese market, and add an important pen to Youku to expand the Sports content layout.

NFL has 32 teams distributed in all parts of the United States. After the event is officially launched, the domestic audience can watch the superb bowl, unveiled the battle, the Thanksgiving, the International Series, including the latest programs, including the most fresh week The wonderful events and behind-the-scenes stories are released. In addition, exciting fragments from NFL documentary, NFL market activities, and NFL drafts. Youku will also create high-quality viewing, interactive experience, and make domestic audiences to feel the charm of NFL football together to create high-quality viewing, interactive experience, so that the domestic audience will feel the charm of NFL football together.

“We are very happy to cooperate with Youku as a rapidly developed Chinese fans and other high-quality localization.” Mr. Yang Riche, General Manager of NFL China, said, “Mr. Yang Riqi,” Mr. Youku in china jerseys free shipping, “popularity and high quality The production level will also show our fans to a richer NFL weekly dynamic. “

Zheng Wei, vice president of Alibaba Culture Entertainment Group, Daxu, said, “Rugby is a great movement,” We are very expected to cooperate with NFL, Youku as the mainstream video platform of domestic It is committed to meeting the demand for user-diversified gazer through quality content and advanced platform technology. This cooperation we hope to create more good play experience for rugby enthusiasts, and also hopes to broaden the boundaries of the football audience. Let more entertainment enthusiasts come together to feel the charm of this top event. “

About NFL

NFL Professional Football Grand Union is one of the world’s most popular sports alliances, with 32 teams distributed across the United States, and its annual finals super bowls have become the world’s largest sport recreation. Founded in 1920, NFL created a successful modern sports alliance commercial operation mode, which has become a large income, a large income, and a strong competitive balance, and a strong club franchise. Industry leader.

About NFL China

NFL china jerseys free shipping was established in Beijing in 2007 and is committed to developing the Chinese market for a long time, promoting football and cultivates NFL fans. NFL enhances the attention and enthusiasm of fans on NFL events by strategic cooperation with multiple media platforms. At the same time, regular organizational viewing party, player China’s travel, etc., fans experience activities. According to the survey, China has already interested in NFL football in 2018, mainly distributed in one, second-tier cities. As of June this year, more than 30,000 teenagers have regularly participate in organized football training regularly, and it is expected that this number will reach 120,000 by 2020.

About Youku

As a member of Ali’s Entertainment, Under the “Double Happiness” strategy, Youku advocated “this world is cool” as the brand, is committed to building a one-stop cultural cool experience from seeing playing, so that young Human entertainment is more sunny. After 2018 officially won the latest Russian World Cup’s new media direct power, the recent CBA Youku live broadcast, broadcast technology, and continuous breakthrough innovation, refreshing the mobile phone watching. FRUC (FRAME RATE UP-Conversion) technology, HDR (High-Dynamic Range) high dynamic range image technology, as well as intelligent capture ROI (Regions of Interest) high-fidelity technology, etc., for Internet sports users Bring new senses. The cooperation with NFL, Youku is also committed to exploring the filling video operations and technologies to meet the needs of the football fans, and let more Chinese audiences will feel the charm of NFL.

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