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Tiger Corner William – Jackson: I hope to renew your long-term team with the team

Cincinnati Matulators William – Jackson Jackson is still insisting on the shoulders of the shoulders of the shoulders last season. After the end of the season, fake oakley sunglasses he accepted the operation.

“I don’t know how I did it, but I did it,” Jackson said. “This is great. I am very happy that I stick to it. Every game feels very painful. You feel that some should have the same thing.”

“This is hurt, and tells you to take treatment. This is very painful. I have now fully restored health and ready to appear. I added some muscles. I have to face some of the big children this year.”

Jackson got 37 cocked 1 time in the last season and cheap sunglasses three times destroyed. After the Tiger Selects the Fifth Year Contract option, he is very critical in the new season. He hopes that he can get a long stay.

“They choose to implement my fifth year contract, so I am very lucky,” Jackson said. “I just want to play, I have to be happy and then it is natural. I love it in Cincinnati. I feel very comfortable. They have a great coach team, I also have a great teammate.”

“I want to stay here. Now, I am focused on getting ready to start the new season.”

The Tiger refused a multi-team to Jackson’s trading quotation, which shows that they trust and look forward to him.

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