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Stephen – Curry: Warriors will be losed by the Black Leopard

At present, the childhood of the NBA Alliance Stephen Curry is spent in Carolina, cheap jerseys so when we know that he is a super fan of the Carolina Black Leopard, we are not surprised. The Golden State Warriors and the Black Panthers in this season maintain the invincible record of their respective alliances.

Recently, Curre said in an interview that he hopes that the black leopard does not give the ball in front of your team.

At that time, the reporter asked this season that the defending Champion Warrior first loses the black panther’s panther’s panther. The Curry replied: “My answer is … I hope that I don’t want to lose the ball before February. That means that the black panther can take a super bowl.”

Since 1995, Curry is the attention of fans in the Black Leopard, and he is also a friend of Newton. In fact, if the Warriors and the Black Panther can stay unbeaten before this means that NBA will have a 48-win-hearted team, and nfl jerseys will have a 19-win-up super bowl champion team.

Curry explained: “Who know? No one believes that we will be 19 wins and 0 losses why we can’t continue? There are many players in the league, but we obviously have the opportunity to win more games, nothing is not occurring.”

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