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Ramburi Thalib hopes to return after Thanksgiving

After Sunday was tortured, the ram needs to consider how to strengthen the second-line defense.

The assistance may be arrived, and the angle gauwa-Talib (AQIB Talib) said in the program on Tuesday that he hoped to return after Thanksgiving.

Talib said: “I am very good today. At present, I can return to the game after Thanksgiving. My move is no problem, you can run, jump, weightlifting. I have to let yourself restore 100% health “

In the third week, wholesale jerseys the Talibu ankle was injured, and the team was placed in the injury reserve list and cheap jerseys online accepted the operation.

Taliba could return to return on the 13th week, cheap nfl jerseys for sale and this professional bowl player said that he had already prepared it.

“I am very eager to return to the stadium.” He said, “I can only look too uncomfortable while watching it, I will not be happy to look at it in the side. I is very difficult, just want to return.”

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