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In the game of victory in the Los Angeles ram, Winston has achieved very beautiful data, and 41 passed 28 times successfully achieved 385 yards, 4 times, and 1 pass, the quadruption of the 80.5. This is the fifth game of Winston Career to achieve at least 4 times, and the fifth game passed at least 385 yards.

Campbell wanted to get an external hand in the jersey, and he had thought about it for a long time, but it has never been active. Although they used a nine years of teammates, sometimes it would be too close to lead to difficulties.

In the LSU offensive group of last season, Jefferson plays an important role. He completed 111 battles, promoted 1540 yards, reached 18 times. His good partner, Joe Burrow, won the Haysman award and was signed by the tiger usage. He will work with the Victorian Adam Thielen to underton Diggs.

Quiin made a breakthrough in the final season, and completed 114 battles to get 1236 yards 13 times. At first, he chose to join the Louisiana State University, but after the 2015 season, he went to the Nankai University University.

External handlert-Qui Din became a draft “None of Mr.”Washington Red Slip Satur Taking the last draft of the 2018 elected rights & mdash; & mdash; No. 256 and mdash; & mdash; letting Nanwei University universities take-up Trey Quinn has become irrelevant.

“I know that the media will pay attention to these, but for me, this is just another game.” Campbell said, “The key is to win. I have a lot of friends there, spend a long time, there is Many stories can speak. But people must live in the moment. At present, our (American Tiger) is a competitive team, we work hard to win the name of the partition. “

Slater also reported that the Cowboys are ready and willing to complete the contract, but if between teams and players could not agree to a reasonable amount, then they are ready to make every player in the new season to prove himself.

Earlier, Executive Vice President Steven team – Jones (Stephen Jones) represent Cowboys will not be consistent with each player’s salary into the top five will each location and cowboy attitude “to establish a market benchmark team.”.

Dallas Cowboys offensive group of three star players out of the lucrative offerBeijing August 7 News Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) can be optimistic and be able to promote their own offensive team three star players to complete the contract. But before the players put pen to paper to sign, everything is just empty talk.

US time on Thursday, Viking officially announced that Justin Jefferson and Jeff Gladney, Jeff Gladney, No. 22 Show Jefferson and Jeff Gladney. Jefferson’s contract contains $ 7.1 million signature bonuses.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys television reporter Jane – Slater (Jane Slater) on Tuesday, according to people familiar with news reports that Dallas Cowboys quarterback has to NASDAQ – Prescott (Dak Prescott), wide receiver Amarillo – Cooper (Amari Cooper ) and running back Ezekiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott) out of the “generous” offer, cowboy out of the contract can make three of the top five salaries in the league at their position.

Although Elliott still stop training, Prescott and Cooper took part in the training camp, they also are not worried about their own contract issues. They believe that only a matter of time, even if they are unable to complete the contract in the near future, get a big contract. In the case of the team can only use a franchise player tag, if not renewed, then the two will be someone in the next year to enter the free agent market.

Graudney took 12 games last season, and the first of these games, completed 31 times, a copy, 14 times destroyed. The four-year contract salary of this corner must be US $ 1099.1 million, of which 5553 million is a signature bonus.

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