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Groopler recently denied the rumors between himself and Braddy, and said that the relationship between them was very powerful. He said: “Breddy is like my brother, he teaches me in the training camp. He is so great. We are very close, he helps me a lot of experience, I am very thank him.”

Fremman once in the 2012 season and the 2013 season, Hague Wang, this season has declined, only 94 times. Jackson completed 140 times and leading the team. This week, Fremoman may be responsible for the prevention of Julus Thomas. He completed 8 battles when the two sides were held in the first week, and won the 104 yard with 3 times.

Unveiled the newsletter headset failure affects steel man deploymentIn the season of local time, the Pittsburgh steel man is responsible for the new England Patriots, but the steelman is pointed out that the communication headset has affected the team’s tactical arrangement. Mike Tomlin revealed: “Our headphones in the first half have been playing the sound of the scene.” Among them, Tomlin also said that this issue is not the first time in the home of the patriot.

Steelman four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger believes that this did not have a great impact on the game: “There are several tactics that have not been achieved, but I think this has not had too much impact. There is not much need to contact too much tonight. “

The patriot Bishi Bill Bill Belichick also talked about the same problem: “We have a lot of problems, replace the headphones several times. Our communication system is a bit problem.” Biliceth said the communication is the night. The system is very bad, and the staff even told him that this system is close to the crash.

Xiao Ma coach Zambia: He makes our defensive speedDequier Jackson (D & RSQUO; QWELL JACKSON) comes with your injury, making Indianapolis pony 卫 杰雷尔 – Jerrell Freeman This season has a decline. But in fact, he is still the most important ring of the team’s defensive group. He can quickly move between the side line, the anti-run ability, and can also do very well in the overlay defense.

After the game, the alliance spokesperson gave a description of this situation: “In the first section of this game, the headphones of the steel owner’s main coach were disturbed. This is caused by the radio infrastructure, and the harsh weather has increased this effect. Coach The exchange equipment, including headphones, is provided by the alliance for both parties. After learning this situation, the problem is solved soon. “

Jevis – Randri: It is still not born to prevent my corner.Miami Dolphin’s External Threaded Jarvis Landry does not seem to lack confidence. As his team entered the playoff, and his outstanding play, Randri made a confident answer when he was interviewed.

Subsequently, the reporter asked a one-on-one situation, there should be people to prevent Randri, the reporter, including the Corner Wei Richard Sherman, Arizona Richarman, Arizona, Richard Sherman (Patrick Peterson), New England Patriots Corner Marcolm Butler, Kansas Emirates Marcus Peters, Even Den Sanders I have asked, but Landri’s answer is: “They can’t do it, because my will tell me that I will not let them prevent me.”

In the competition of last week with Cincinnati, Fremman completed 15 times, leading the whole team, and contributed 1.5 times and killed 1 time. It is worth paying attention to the entire regular season, Fremman only completed 1.5 times. This season, Fritman has been absent from the first half of the season in the first half of the season, and the last 1 week of the regular season also chooses to fight. However, after the start of the playoff, he proved its value again.

Chuck Pagano, Chuck Pagano, said: “Our defensive group dedicated a successful game, but Freieman is the best. You can see him in any corner on the court, he The speed is faster than anyone, which helps us speed up the entire defensive group. “

“I think James White is a good player. His performance is very good. Can someone do better? I don’t know. But this is very dependent on its state and he can continue such performance.” Clama Bir – Bill Belichick said Friday. “I have to play a very good person to be better than him.”

Groople is on the fourth quarter of 14 to 41 defeated 14 to 41, and the total 70 yards and an upload data are completed in the fourth quarter of the chief. He was killed once, and that is also his only one pass unsuccessful. It seems that the patriot advantage this year’s winners, Groople is the second round of 2014.

Most discussions are the ability to start quartz Tom-Braddy and Groople, but the replacement of the new show did not get the main coach’s approval, Groopler said that he is not very shocked, the master is not the performance of himself. Many attention. He said: “The situation is very difficult, no one is amazed at a reachable, because we lose too much.”

Lewis was put by the team in the beginning of the season, and he was injured until it was injured again, and nfl Jerseys the left knee needs to be accepted again (but not ligament surgery). Since October 27, he has participated in 8 training.

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