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Burro was applied to the opponent in 32.8% of the pass attack, and was killed 3 times, and there was a ball. But if he did not escape the pressure and continued the attack or timely shot, he may be killed more times. However, in the four-dimensional guard nets that have been broken, Bolro’s entire game is stable, find the ball of picking up the idle ball and complete the pass. The Tiger has completed 8 times in the three-dimensional conversion of 18 times, completing all 5 four-speed conversion. This is a great achievement for the rookie quarter-off guard.

Champion Xiu Wenston says he is not afraid of the new show wallTampawan pirate rookie quartz, Jameis Winston, as this year’s championship, has received wide attention from people, and his performance in the field during the university, many people see the decline. The performance of his new season, the NFL official website media man Mike Mike Mayock asked whether to adapt to NFL’s rhythm in the local time on Wednesday, there is no “new show wall”.

NFL nearly 50 years classic battle: shooting rightIn 1994, the Football World Cup, Robert & Middot; Bacon shot lost, and gave the Cup to Brazil to make the Italian fans. In winter three years ago, a player called Scott Norwood, at the last moment of the 25th Super Bowl, shot Buffalo Ben’s Rund Down in the bag. . After this super bowl, I have broken into the super bowl for three years, but there is no holding cup, and the nightmare of Si-lian is not getting rid of now, and more olive fans are sigh.

At that time, the TV camera just took a pirate fans on the stool, he had given up the fierce, but the little boy on the side couldn’t control his mood, but after anything, he did not seem Go to prevent others from cheering behavior.

Wenston responded to this: “I don’t think about the new show wall, I was a football baseball at the same time. This is my first time I am concentrated on the four defense, so I am very Excited. I can work so concentrated and professional to grind my movement, my speed and other related things. I am just very excited. “

“It was very honored to serve me in this excellent association,” Vali Prete said, “In the past 15 years, I am constantly struggling to protect the rights and interests of members, I am deeply proud of this. But also It’s time, it’s also the time to retreat, let the more young people come to me. “

In subsequent time, the jet has been 13 points and eventually reversed the giant people in 23-20. This decision in Cofflin is also amplified after the game. Coflin said: “4 files 2 yards, according to our state in this attack, the time of the game, the score of the time, I think it is the best choice. If I will come back, I will make the same decision. More important is not this attack, but the performance of the team. “

Jeff, President of NFL Referee Association, resigned The cheap Nfl Jerseys Coach Association announced that the original President Jeff Triplette resigned retired. Tony Steratore will take the opportunity to become a new chairman.

Bolo has always appreciated his goodness. His career has just begun, there are many winning opportunities in the future. Just as this on Thursday night show, he has enough strength to achieve brilliant career.

Scott Norwood, this surpass O. J.SImpson became a man of Bill History, but the critical moment of the first four major sports alliance champions from Buffalo from 1965. After the Bill of Bill, Bill chose a new player Steve Christie, and Scott Norwood has also chosen to retire. Obviously, the 25th super bowl last time, a few feet between the ball and the door post, the enchanting between Bill and the super bowl.

Corylin repeatedly emphasized that there is no problem with this choice, which is the most suitable offensive option at that stage. After losing this game, the giant may therefore lose the favorable position in the competition of the National Liandong District champion. 3 wins and 8 losses Dallas denim and the 5-winning Washington red skin will be held in Monday night games, while the record of Philadelphia eagle has been flat. Competition within the partition will continue to continue.

“I didn’t have a chance last week to watch him, but I heard a variety of praise. It can be seen,” Brown Si Baiku-Melfield (Baker Mayfield). “It is indeed worth it. Qiao name is actually true. I think he is very good. Very decisive, continuing offense, protect the ball. I think he is very good.”

“Gill is not fun. This may be the only two games in my sports career,” said Burro. “I don’t feel very good. I know that the players are not good, we will return to work tomorrow, try to correct mistakes. I can’t accept the losing, everyone can’t accept it, the coach Taylor can’t accept, everyone is in the team Unacceptable. So we will solve the problem. “

Joe Burrow almost one member of the Cincinnati Tiger. From his performance on Thursday night, he has the opportunity to do this in the future. In this competition, Burro passed the ball for 61 times, got 310 yards, and became a new show player who had no passing of the ball has not passed by the first single game for at least 1950.

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