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Next face to the Seattle Hawks, it is important to go to the playoffs and get the National Western partition championship. The injured corner guard team obviously requires more efforts in the face of Doug Baldwin.

At this time, Texas 4-point Guide Shan Watson did not seem to feel any anxiety. From the time, it seems that his calm is only desperate performance. After all, Bill is 13-0 and has entered the Red District, while Watson has only 7 points in the playoffs experience in his career. The outside world has begun to deepen Bill as a team entering partition final week.

“I am very calm,” said cheap nfl jerseys from china TV reporter Mike Silver after Watson. “This kind of thing is inevitably. Everyone knows is the time of & mdash; & mdash; some people have to complete an attack and defense and then reverse the situation. JJ completed a & mdash; & mdash; he completed the defense, we Be started. “

J. J. J. J.Watt 比 比 卫 卫 卫 比 比 (Josh Allen), let Bill can only have 3 points in any racket, which reduces some of the loss for Texas. And finally in a half time, Texas people reverse the score and eventually entered overtime.

In the process of anti-Charomal and final winning, Watson played a few times ambiguous attack. First, he dragged two defensive end Bill into the end zone to complete the 20 yards rushing touchdowns and subsequently on their own red ball to complete the 2-point conversion. In the overtime game, after the two shocks his Bill defensive players hit, he completed the key ball in the face of the pressure in the run.

Brown brought to Collins before the last season trading. Patriotes have sent him away from Collins that cannot be reached in the salary, the latter first game in Brown. He obtained 2 kills, once forcing the ball.

“We ask for a thirst, so when we have the opportunity to get Jamie in October, he has been listed as a long-term choice for the defensive group.” Brown Executive Vice President Saki-Brown said, “Jamie in his own career The demonstrations have shown a full talent, rare, so he has a variety of ways affect the game. “

After the number of scorpion codes for 3 consecutive season, the Runfran Gore, which has been undertaking a lot of workload, Frank Gore, which is difficult for the 49-person offensive group, which is feweled. They showed bad when they play only 2 victorious Auckland raids. Before the start of this season, 49 people hoped to adjust the number of Gore to make this 31-year-old player kept vitality, but he averaged 14.8 times per game this season. 14.8 times a few times & mdash; & mdash; he has the lowest since he since 2005 One & mdash; & mdash; has achieved the opposite effect.

Safety 卫 厄尔 – Thomas will sign a contract with a crowAccording to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the original Haiying safety Wei Her Thomas will sign a 4-year $ 55 million contract with the crow, including $ 32 million. US $ 22 million will pay before the contract is contract.

Buddha signed a contract with the team in December last year, replacing Brett Maher, which is poor, and is sicking. Buddha only played 11 games, but 10 times of any basketball shot and 10 additional shots were all hit. Compared to Mach 30 times, the 13 times of the 40 yards of the 13 shots are only a lot of 5 times.

We don’t look at the performance of the Seattle Hawks who have excellent passes defense, and we don’t think Habbao & mdash; & mdash; or Gore & Mdash; & mdash; will stay in the team after the end of the season. The rhythm of 49 people’s offensive group will move from the mushroom to the pass.

Not just Gore, the whole 49 people offensive this season is difficult to look directly. One of the most creative offensive systems of the Alliance is slow heat and since the seventh week, the ranking is ranked in the field.

Gore: It is difficult to find the rhythm in the 49-person offensive groupAt the head of Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco received a reputation of the opponent with a mushroom. But this season didn’t have this.

Dan Bailey is still in the cowboy, Dallas completely does not have to worry about shooting problems. At that time, Bailey’s shot success rate was 88.2%, which is one of the best in the alliance. Mach was taken in 2018, the first season is good, but suddenly lost the soul in 2019.

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