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Although this is not a good news, it is reported that Gronoski will be able to play the finals of the Dragonas Sanzi seasons. Before this week, Gronoski has never passed the injury list since its fourteenth week. He missed a game after the knee injury after the knee injury was left behind. Geloski seems to have been affected by the semi-semi-semi-semi-semi-paragraph injury, but we believe that he will not be restricted in the next game.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Gronoski was absent cheap jerseys from china the training of Thursday due to knee injury. After absent the training on Tuesday, the near-end strike participated in some training on Wednesday. According to ESPN, he received treatment on Ward to Boston on Thursday.

United Unitednly zone seafood vs patriot (injury influence)After the Kansas City Emirates, after winning, it is about to face the new Champion New England. Both parties have received the impact of players, but the chief team lineup is still complete, and in this regard, the chief has a big advantage in this regard.

As we mentioned earlier, the emirate is hardly troubled. Although the main force runs Jamar Charles’s reimbursement, the team will be desperate. However, in a series of competitions in the season, we also see the impact of the chiefs and the “feet” competition. That is because the chief of this season has a deep threat of the masters of the chaos, and the average of the masters, and the MDash; & mdash; Jeremy Macillin. However, in the first game in the seasons, McClin leaving because of the high torch of ankle, whether it would be unknown in the game against the patriot. This is undoubtedly a sunny day for the chiefs that are in the rising period. Macrlin’s lack greatly combats the offensive group of the chief, and their pass attack will be extremely threatened. Even if Kelps can share the pressure of the pass attack, it is more important to re-change the offensive strategy.

Although the outside world is generally optimistic about Davis occupies the first position, we have pointed out that Davis’s arm has not reached the NFL level in the second week of the competition, which will be to limit his personal play and even the raft. Unfavorable factors.

Even so, after the game, the Jeff Fisher is still in the media, it will continue to serve as the team’s first quarter-off. However, because Hill’s injury is slow, the quadrants of the ram this week are still unable to determine. On Thursday night, the raveler’s first quarter-sanctual candidate will temporarily decide before the team’s first quarter of the team’s third week.

Speaking of injuries, the patriot is one of the most invaded teams in this year. The main offensive front line player Len Wen Wyndel and Nette-Sald reimbursement, let Braddy lose the most reliable barrier. And more terrible is the main running Weidian – Lewis and La Rig – Brondt reimbursement, but also let the patriots lose the most important weapons of the ground attack, although they have replenished the old will run Schitfen – Jackson And replacing James White to partner, but the unfamiliarity of tactics is greatly obstacted to the patriotic pavement attack. The median main line of the season Weijiemei-Collins also makes the patriot ahead of a while. The main walks of Julian – Erman’s ankle injury makes him completely bid farewell to this season, and the fire line of this game will be able to play a few or unknown. If the patriots still want to have more acts in the playoffs, controlling injuries will be heavy. The boat is coming again, the main defensive end of Qian Deller Sunday is also taken to the hospital due to food poisoning, and it has not been caused by a serious problem, and training in Monday. But for his competitive state, he only waited to test again.

The packaged workers fell more than 24 points in the three defeats that were eaten in the regular season, which seems to indicate that the packaging work is unable to fight against the opponent. The Sea Eagle has 10 times this season to score more than 24 points. Therefore, the restrictions of the sea eagle score becomes the key to the winner. In the case of poor offensive groups, it can be said that there are some competitions that have a conservative group to win this season. There is no doubt that the two snaps join the team’s joined team, Za Dusi-Smith (ZA & # 39; Darius Smith) and Preston Smith have an important role in the progress of the defensive group . Packaging Co-works have reached 33.0%, the rankings of alliances, Zamaus-Smith personal pressure reached 14.8%, ranking first, Preston-Smith’s pressure reached 11.7%, ranking Ten, two people have achieved 25.5 killing, 60 hit four points. However, this game packaging worker group still has a concern, one is to obtain 6 killings in the regular season, the defensive trunks of Kenny Clark, can be affected by injuries, regardless of the ball shock of the package It’s not good news with the defense of the mushroom. Another point in the performance of the packaged worker combination Jaiel-Alexander and Kevin King. Packaging Works Defensive Group This season allows the opponent to complete 59 20 yards of attacks and 15 40 yards of attacks, respectively, the tenth and second. In the face of the sea eagle offensive front line that may lack the left, Duane Brown and the left-handed Mike, Mike Iupati, the package is very hoping to win the battle of the kick and shock For the Hawks, Russell Wilson applied huge pressure, but there are external hands Thaille-Lockett and DK-Metcalf (DK Metcalf) Wilson’s Wilson’s Vertical Offense Weapon The performance of the long biography is the best in the alliance. If he successfully utilizes the shortcomings of the second-line defensive defense, the packaging industry will fall into huge trouble.

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