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Wilson got 15 games for the Saints last season, including 4 games, and clicked 27 times. In 2010, the first round of the first round of the first round was set by Wilson, which was selected by the New York jet, 4 seasons for the jet; & mdash; his best season was in 2012, at the time he first sent 15 games.

After the game, Xiao Ma, Frank Reich, said that he believes that the brier-knee sprained, maybe injured is the inner sub-ligament. “I think this looks like a sprain, but we will see how the specific level,” Reick said. “We have to see the results.”

Due to the joining of the two, the coach Jinshen has added a lot of long-term sets to Mefield, and I hope that the two brothers can use the talent to slaughter the game. In this season, two people only completed the 875 yards of 54 cents, compared to basic data, and the advanced data made people more shocking: this Ji Mefield passed only 56.7%, the team A total of 11 cases of CDs, and the two will occupy 7 times. The two have a total of 5 buses, and the long biography of the two is only 16 passages, and the number of ball code is only around 20, which is the most talented ball of the league. Hand, Xiaobei is responsible for the outer vertical attack, Landri is responsible for the slot zero knocking, the style is not conflict, but the two people are not bad in the short pass attack, and the efficiency is extremely low, it is difficult to say that two people are excellent. It is inferior, it is called NFL version of the junk brother.

Before the start of the season, wholesale Jerseys Xiao Ma was announced after the Andrew Luck decided to sign Hoyer. If the Brigado is missing for a long time, then this signing may be very important. At present, 5 wins and 3 losses of pony needs and 6 wins and 3-losing Houston Texas people compete in Mei Liannan District.

In the Hyper Bowl of the panther lost to the wild horse, Yili completed one of the best performances in his career. He won a total of 3 kills and copied the ball, and forced the opponent to drop once. But this powerful performance did not continue until the second year, he only won 5 kills in that season.

Wolf is the child of the forefront. Ron Wolf, who worked for 14 seasons in the packaging worker management, and works a variety of jobs. Before going to Brown, Wolf is the supervisor of Green Bay Rugby Operations.

Since this season, the seven weeks of competition only took 2 kills, 3 hits and 8 manufacturing hasty passed, 13 times, only ranked only the entire League 71, while the rushing pressure rate ranking column The 45th position of the wing side defender, as if he is willing to be a dragon set, repeatedly issued a foul on the opponent’s “free attack”. In fact, the number of episodes of more than 70% in the season is the highest value of Bisley’s career. It is sufficient to play the number of amounts of the amount of power. The Falcon’s Falcon’s Purchase Rate Alliance is fourth, as a rush The leading sheep is badly responsible for no loans. At this moment, it can be almost asserted that the false fans wait for the dream of killing the king, completely shattered.

Cowboy signing rushing to Bikini Yili According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, cowboy has been agreed with the details of the contract and the front jet rushing in Kony Ealy. Yili has visited Dallas on Wednesday, USA, but did not complete the contract immediately.

Geer Li said:! “Please look at our game right now, please look at our game the Seahawks apparently very successful over the past few years, so the competition will certainly be a lot of Seahawks fans, but it does not matter!. We hope everyone will come. Once you start winning the fans, you will come, I hope we can keep this momentum. “

However, as far as the racket fans of the racpe, they were suffering from the unregistered dilemma for the league in the past ten years. The team had attended the average of 58,000, which was 26,000 more than last year. The main family of the team can accommodate 93,000 people, maybe this is why Galley is coming out of the call.

This season Danoard is absent from the three games. According to the attack, the attack power of the running guard should be more amazing. It can be more amazing six weeks after the total number of horses, the total number of races of Bell has just passed, ranked 17th, rushing The number of ball codes will be crowded into the top 20 of the entire alliance, which makes the New York fans are disappointed. In fact, the worried of people in front of the season became reality, and the jets of the jet did not help Bell’s boots. Bell has so far, and the long distance of more than 15 yards has been promoted. It is difficult to say, so that the new handsome Adam-Gain is not a master of the running guard, in his offensive system, there is no more than too many attack routines, so far, only 29 shots 175 yards, only this is. This season Bell’s struggle, half is a poor state, the other half is a teammate and system.

This season’s break, the front line of the ram, the main left, the center, can only let the past Notham and Brian Allen replace, the result is difficult to reach the NFL first, the right side of Austin Bryce and Habinsteen have been serious, and now the ram front is the only team in this season, the unique protected team, and the PFF website is also a countdown third. Ok, the team’s record is not impossible to gently injuries, nor a Gao Fu returned, and it is inexpensive to play the extension of the front line.

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