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The red district defensive capabilities of the American tiger will be tested this week, and the New York Giants currently reach the quotation column league. They were 30 times to attack the Red District and took 26 reachaes. Only 4 teams completed more than they, the new England patriots completed 30 times, Denver wild horse 29 times, green bay packaging workers, 27 times Miami dolphins.

“You don’t want career, but you can say goodbye to the fans and teammates, I can’t ask more,” Masis said after the game. “I am very nervous, because some reasons are more nervous than usual. I guess because of the obvious reason.”

Rushtam started left cut into injury reservesThe injury is not new to this year’s saglock. According to the team’s official website, the head coach Bruce Alianz (Bruce Aria) is worried about the elbow injury of Jared Veldheer, but Vades said that there is no problem with your arm. The ankle injury is the focus.

Crow boss: ESPN reports are caughtLast Friday, ESPN released an extension of the crow team and NFL in Ray Rice’s horses, and review the Board of the Baltimore Grace in Baltie, Stern Bisciotti That is, the press conference pointed out that this report was established on the most interesting of Les. In the first 48 minutes before the press conference in Bis Audi, the crow is refuted by this report of ESPN.

At the national association, Atlanta Falcon 4-dimensional Matt Ryan became the best offensive player. He passed the 331 yard 4 times in the game in the 38-32 defeated New Orleans Saint. “Iceman” continues to prove that he should become the most valuable player of the league, and he got 4944 yards 38 times in the regular season. This victory makes the falcon two seeds.

At present, only 5 teams have lost more than the US tiger than the US tiger. Arizona is more than 13 times, and the Shengluos ram is 14 times, Kansas City chief, Cleveland Brown and Buffalo Both. Second-rate. What is even more surprising is that half of the 16 reaches of the American tiger have come from the first three weeks. Washington Hongdi completed 4 red districts in the second week, Indianapolis pony was also completed 4 times after a week. Since then, the Jaguchi is only allowed to complete 8 red districts in the 8 games. Only in the 9th week with Cincinnati Tiger, they lost their remedy to reach. The tiger finally took three times from the red area.

On Sunday, the right striker, Earl Watford, also encountered a high-level ankle sprain, now the center AQ Shipley is the only member of the squid attack front line, the only person who has not missed the game. .

The best offensive players in Mei Week belong to the new England patriots take over Julian EDELMAN. He completed 8 batches in the game of the Patriots 35-14 to win Miami dolphins and got 151 yards and a 77-yard ball. This victory let the patriots locked the United States No. 1 seed.

According to the previous news, the denim last season gave Prescot to Preskote, but the two sides eventually did not talk. If the denim final chooses to use the team label, they need to decide to use non-exclusive sex (about $ 27 million) or exclusive (about $ 34 million). After using the row of his label, Prescot can’t talk to other teams, but this may also make the final contract annual salary of both parties.

Bis Audi sorry, he did not “strive to go” casino elevators before the crow, and the team is now influenced by the Less Agents. But at the same time, it also added that the crow will not cut anyone because it is inappropriate. “

At the press, Bis Ai said: “I think the source of information acquired by ESPN is very pronounced in Les, although it is basically anonymous way, but clearly discern the lawyer from Less. , Agents and friends. The way they are restoring, and the best way to restore is the fact that others seem to be lying like they are lying. However, the report is proposed to comply with our current facts. “

As long as the boss reaches a similar level of other teams can also create such an atmosphere in the patriot team, which is also the most important thing of McDaniels. The patriot is unavoidable, may make the team interview schedule more complicated, but if there is a proper position, don’t be surprised by McDaniels to participate in a meeting with potential new east.

Cowboy plans to use the proximal strike, quad-dimensional Sile uses the bidding contractAlthough cowboy has not yet been clearly stayed by Dak Prescott and the close-end Trissen – Witten, they will ensure that the substitute personnel first.

Bisiudi initially expected that Less will be banned from four to six games, and they were as surprised as others when they heard two games were only banned. But he denied that the work of rushing Less continued to provide other work as a “sealing fee” in exchange for the team’s harmonious rumors. According to ESPN, Les has contracted the “sealing fee” contract in Bis Audi. Bis Ai added: “Why do I think it is ridiculous, because Less’s annual salary is six million US dollars, cut him, I want to pay for $ 2,500 million (300 million guaranteed income after the death), As reported by the report, he hired him to assist Harry Swayne in the player development department (five years as a seal fee), he needs to return this money in 250 years. “

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