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“I don’t want to set a number, but I feel that if we need him to play a few games or wait for the main running guard, he can do it,” McDemot said. “I don’t have questions. He wants to play. He is very competitive. He wants to be in the first gear, the second gear. We (Tuesday) conducted a trainer based on the ball, he showed excellent. If we want him to be 10 times, 20 times, no matter what you ask, he will be ready. If we need him to become the main running guard, I think he may still complete the task. “

“I will be ready,” Bell said. “The most important thing for me is psychologically preparing to bear this kind of thing. I feel that I will not be hugged by the opponent until the preseason or maybe in the regular season. I think I will not really hit The ground or was smashed. But when such things happen, I will be ready to face. But change, route run, learn the route and practice, everything is normal. “

Bell was torn in the inside of the knee inside the knee in the eighth week of last season, and the cross ligament was torn and was subject to surgery in November. He told ESPN to prepare when he began training camp on July 28. But he admit that he needs to be used to withstand impact.

We have witnessed the career of the running guard. It is usually lost in the lateral speed, explosive force and strength. But we also saw players like Adrian Peterson from the knee serious injury. Bell believes that he is more likely to become the latter.

Brown’s final plan is to enable Gordon and this year’s first-round show, Corey Coleman, becomes the first two groups under the double-exterior, and in the three foreign terminals Trelle Pryor, in the ideal case, the three groups will be a fairly difficult offensive combination. But just as the quarter-Brochi-Griffin III, the Brown Jun Team is full of unknown and uncertain. However, the only thing that allows Brown fans comforted, that is, their coach Jackson is an offensive master. It is necessary to say who will let the Brown offensive group replace the newborn, and only him.

Brown taken, Cheap Jerseys Yos-Gordon returns trainingCleveland Brown is the most chiliatry attack weapon. According to Multi-party news, Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, returned to the team training on Sunday, this is the first return training after he has been released indefinitely, the first alliance first The lineup taken after participating in the field after training, watching the confrontational training of teammates on the field.

Sapphire new Sison: Very lucky to see Sam play On July 31, there were signs of all the signs of Sam Bradford won the first four-point guard, the first round of Josh Rosen can only be with Mike Mike Glennon competition. This also gave Runson to watch Bradford playing. He said this is a rare opportunity during the transition of the proof.

Fitz Patrick played the best season in the jet in the jet last season, and he passed 3905 yards and 31 years old, and the passers—-page missed 88.0 points. He is still talking to the jet in the renewal negotiation, it is said that both parties are still not small, and Fitz Patrick believes that this year’s weak four-point guard market can help him raise prices, so it is delayed.

Gordon did not play the game in December 2014. He took the four muscles in private training this year’s break, which caused him to go to Brown training camp to report a bit into shape, Brown main coach Hue Jackson clearly stated that Gordon needs to lose weight, and from recently, Gordon’s weight loss is good, Jackson also praised his professional attitude. The Brown Trainer Currently, it is not urgent to make Gordon in a short period of time. After all, his ban on the fifth week of the regular season can be truly released.

Ryan said in an interview with ESPN reporter Richomini: “I hope that Fitz Patrick does not want to go back to the jet, I really want to think so. His performance is better than people think more than people Although he is very poor when he faces us, but also he led the jet for a five-game win, and the data he last season is probably one of the history of the jet team. So, wait, wait Let me really hope he can change the team. “

Earlier this month, Jet Marshal Brandon Marshall once expressed that he strongly hoped that Fitz Patrick can stay, he said in an interview: “We exchange and training between us. Leadership is all I have never feeling before, I have a lot of teams, I have a lot of four-point guard, but this beautiful feeling is that it is only with Fitz Patrick. “

Runn said: “I think people still don’t understand how Sam is too powerful. It is fortunate to see him with him. It is fortunate to refer to such a player in the early days. I am still fortunate. I believe that he is a league elite four One of the assassins. It is fast, but it is not lacked for deep thinking. It is thoroughly understood to the football. When entering NFL, it can be encountered as a blessing of my last life. Although I will not completely copy his game mode, but I Will try to learn and internalize those good parts. “

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