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49 people lacking external hands, Coleese became the most reliable pass target. He completed 64 battles last season to get 667 yards 3 times. The four-point guard will pass 115 times, and 52 times in Quinton Patton is ranked second.

The black panther also needs to consider how to solve another contract of Andrew Norwell, and he also entered the contract year. At this end, this is the problem of Gatman’s headache, now turns into Herne.

9 years agoExternal 1 Justin – Jefferson: I thought that the eagle would choose myself.In the 2020 draft, Philadelphia eagle chose the former in Jalen REGOR, and Justin Jefferson. This decision seems to be very good now: Jefferson broke the number of Randy Moss’s rookies to promote the number of records, while Rig is struggling with the old eagle.

Jefferson said: “You also know that there will be various simulation drafts and opinions before the day before the draft, explore what player will go to what team. Many people think that I will go to Philadelphia, I do this I think. Laughter is At that time, Philadelphia was selecting people, but Minnesota called me. I thought it was an eagle, but I found it was a Viking. I have a little crazy. But I can join Vikin rather than the eagle I really make me happy. “

After the lineup, there is no quartz and start reconstruction, and the coach Shanahan and the general manager John Lynch has to retain a few key offensive players. They retained Colee before the free player market opened.

After selection of professional bowls for two consecutive seasons, Turner’s entire summer is negotiating with the Black Panther. After the former general manager David-Gatman (David gettleman) was fired after the completion of this renewal showed that everything is as usual.

Cowboy McLeen is the earliest training on FridayWars, but Dallas denim internal line Dallando McLan (Rolando McClain) still did not get rid of the plague of the brain, according to local media reporters, McLeen will return to the training ground at the local time.

McLene was injured in the outer cassessories of Lion Team last week, Jason Garrett, said earlier this week, McLean’s neck is not comfortable. According to the NFL Union, McLean wants to obtain the qualifications of Sunday, and must pass a number of inspections on brain shock.

Brent returned to the training ground this week, and he will challenge the New York giant at 23 this month to come back. Jerry Jones said in an interview with reporters on Friday: “Brent’s performance is quite good, we have been encouraged.” Jones once promised Brown Mother after Brown. He won’t Therefore, Brent, Jones credited his commitment to stay this defensive disappearance in the team.

“He is a famous group of players. He wants me to be very disappointed. I am not sure what is the reason. After all, I have failed to communicate with him. I tried it, but he thought firmly, but also changed it. Prepare.”

McLene is one of the merits of the gifted people in the Cowboos. If he can’t play this week, then the team must be more important in restricting the Green Bay packaging team to run Guidi-Lusi Lace. Pay some effort.

Brent is still in his 10-game ban, in 2012, in 2012, Breerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Brent because of the allegations of others. Convicted, the cheap nfl jerseys from china Alliance has therefore a conditional suspension of it.

Falcon Board Brack: It is very disappointed with Jones asking the trading. Original restriction, Julio Jones, who requested the team to trade their own, and finally When I first heard the transaction request, the Falcon Board Arthur Blank was very disappointed.

After Jones, I traded with a 2023 six-round sign to Titan. The other’s chips were 2022 two-wheel signs and 2023 four-wheel signs. He took 848 times during the Falcon Effect, pushed 12896 yards, reached 63 times. Jones farm pushes 95.5 yards, ranking NFL history first, nearly 10 yards higher than ranking Calvin Johnson.

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