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Sapphire Kassen – Palmer officially entered the injury reserve listThe Red Sparring puts the quartz Palmer in Wuden in the injury reserve, and the most optimistic situation, he can return to the last two games.

Gronoski’s performance is undoubtedly crazy, he once again prove that he is a well-deserved number one close. The steel man’s defensive group has never found the right defensive way, and the wire must not follow him, and the defenders can’t hold him. At that time, 52 yards, the ball promoted was a microcosm of this game, while the ball in the red area was more likely to show his ruling power. Gronoski seems to be the dislocation of the anti-trade-off of the opponent forever, which makes him different.

The first half of the game started, the pensioner to attack quickly quickly, even though Newton gave Tolbert to the 5-person clip from the Eagle 2 yard, Torbert found the only gap, forciting Dash. Black Leopard 21: 6 lead. But the old eagle runs, Ryan Mathews, a 63-code ball for five-year-in-law, to help the eagle will bite. And Newton’s third copy of the eagle can start directly from the red area of ​​the Black Panther, but the tenacious black panther defensive group makes the eagle can only play the ball. After three, the eagle 16:21 was slightly behind.

Gronoski 3 times up to the ruleNew England Patriots 28-21 won the opening ceremony, although Tom Brady lacked a few first-ranking assistance, but as long as Rob Gronkowski is still, defending The champion has the ability to overcome any opponent. The whole game, Gronoski squatted 94 yards, completed 3 times, and rushed back to the ball on a code line.

Breddy only took 28 passes, and took 288 yards and 4 Dalun, running Di Dian – Lewis) became a 120 yard. Although the patriot defensive group is flat, it is lost 464 yards, but this does not affect the patriot to hold the victory at home. The steelman quadruposed Ben Roethlisberger passed the 351 yards in the same way, and jointly launched the Antonio Brown to expand in the second half. However, the steel man finally could not find a way to prevent Gronoski, and his three Dacout launched a huge leading advantage, and finally transformed into victory.

The first quarter, the panther sitting at home is the first to get up to the Dalbert, Torbert is 6 points in the Eagle 2 yard. Bradford (Sam Bradford), who had just taken the ball, sent a copy. The black panther starts attacking from the eagle’s red area. Unfortunately, Newton has a copy of the Cam NEWTON. The first battle, the black panther 7: 0 temporarily leads.

Les slammed the “ventilation” and admitted that he used glueThe front cheap nfl jerseys from china‘s famous outer hand Jie Jerry Rice has exploded the host in the ESPN’s TV field, and I used gloved gloves in the game. “I know this is some violation, I just used a small sprayer to spray a little glue to the glove to ensure the surface of the glove.”

The correct winning record is actually 17 wins and 0, which is completed by the dolphins in the 1972 season. After that, three teams have completed 18 wins, and recently was the patriot of Bradi, 2007, but all in the last game. 2021 will be the first season that includes 17 regular seasonings.

Mahmus told reporters: “Only a record of concern is also a new record after this year’s competition system changes: 20 wins and 0 bear the crown. Although this is not a record, the record, but the current The record is 19-0, so it is very good to be the first 20 win team. “

Mahms: The only record of concern is a full winSince Patrick Mahomes has become the first year, the number of emirates has been ranked universal in the same period, and only Tom Brady, which has turned over two teams, win more.

Newton three copies do not hinder the black panther to continue to winOn October 26, Beijing time, I still maintain a unbeaten Carolina Black Panther team ushered in the Challenge of Philadelphia. Although Newton sent 3 cups, the black panther did not stop the winning footsteps. The score of the whole game is a panther 27:16 eagle.

At the end of the war, the eagle 50 yards shot shot, failed to further reduce the difference. Instead, let the black panther turn into the deviation of 8 points. Black Leopard 24:16 Eagle. Since then, the eagle failed to organize a valid attack, and the panther uses a shot in the last moment. The score of the whole game is fixed at 27:16. The Black Panther continued to be unbeaten this season.

According to the head of Bruce, Bruce Aria, the red scitch decided to leave two return players to the Run David – David Johnson and Palmer. Palmer has the opportunity to play the last two games, but the Sapphire is now 3-4, the third record in China is not optimistic.

The Alliance has banned the players from using any binders from 1981 to increase the viscosity of the glove, but Les entered the alliance in 1985, so if Les did use glue, it is not what he said, but it is completely illegal. .

“We think at the beginning of the training camp (Haskins is the first quarter-off), but they have to compete,” Rivira said. “Ultimately, no one knows what will happen, so we have to get us ready. I really like young quarters in our team. Kyle is a young man, the arm is very long, understands the game, understand how we do something So I am excited about his potential. “

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