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Tom Telesco said in the statement: “Signing Casy is one of our best ways in the free market. This fact also makes this operation. Case is perfect. Occupational players, people who want to enter NFL are a flashing example. “

Los Angeles Lightning Tree Corner Wei Casy – HaywardUS time Saturday, Los Angeles lightning cuts Casey Hayward. Hayward signed a contract with the team in 2016, and the five seasons have been lightning effective.

Romo said: “I think the players know our current situation. They also know that the season has not ended yet, we still have a long way to go. We must now start, do your own work, show the best The ability, let everything go back to the right track. “

The chemical effect of Mentius Thomas is still hot, and Thomas has completed 115 yards 8 games in this game, and he completed 1619 yards. Entry CJ Andon (CJANDERSON) has completed 3 times of running balls in this game. Since 11 weeks, his average scorpion code has been maintained at 98.3 yards. In the past six games completed 9 up to 9 Array.

Hayward played 14 games last season, and 13 of them were first, complete a copy, 8 times destroyed. He also served as a team captain. In the game of 9.13 last year, Hayward completed 12 times and won the honor of the best defensive players in Mei Week. However, in other days in the season, his staring is difficult to be satisfactory, especially on profound routes.

In the five years of lightning effectiveness, Hayward was selected for professional bowls, Cheap jerseys 2 times selected the best lineup, and won the Flash Water Papent Award. Crave him will summarize $ 9.5 million in salary space for flash.

The American Professional Rugby League (NFL) was established in 1920, known as “one of the best companies in the United States”. With its excellent organizational structure, core value and innovation strategy, NFL push sports competition to the highest level, so it is praised by all walks of life.

Do we still need to worry about Penton Manning? It is not necessary, this game Manning has completed 273 yards pass, an average of 7.4 yards per time. He has already completed the second of 39 passes to the array rankings.

The remaining opponents of cowboy include Miami Dolphin, Carolina Black Leopard, Washington Red Leather, New York Jet, and Buffalobir. In fact, now the leader of the country of China, New York Giants also won the next five games, and cowbi is not a chance. Since 1990, 72 teams have been opened in 2 wins and 7, and there is no team to enter the playoffs. Cowboy looks forward to creating a new history.

Drive! Old driver takes you video live broadcast to see 50 super bowlsThe most grand event of North America & mdash; & mdash; NFL super bowls, will be staged. The NFL super bowl is more than just a game, but it includes elements such as sports, culture, entertainment, and even politics. It is a “Spring Festival Evening” in the US version. How to watch this super bowl game?

Texas people boss: surprised to trade four points Wei OusvilleTrick Smith, General Manager of Houston Texas, persuaded that Cleveland Brown took over the value of $ 72 million in the original value of 72 million US dollars. The transaction of BROCK OSWEILER has even made Texas people’s boss feel shocked.

Romo returns to training, this week will appear Dallas Cowboy 4-point Douney Romo officially returned to the team training. This is also the first time in the injury in the second week and the Philadelphia, the first time I participated in the training. At present, the team’s record is only 2 wins and 7 losses, and the hope of entering the playoffs is very embarrassing. But Romo’s returns still lay a strong strength for the cowboy.

NFL has 32 teams throughout the United States, is divided into two federations: Federation of American (American Football Conference, referred to as the American League or AFC) and the National Federation (National Football Conference, referred to as the NFC or the League of Nations). Each federation has 16 teams, divided into 4 divisions: eastern, south, western and north.

McNeil is the largest supporter of Osville last season, but even if he agrees to give up Osville. McNerah said that the team did not meet him before signing Osville is one of the reasons why this signing is not successful.

“Everyone in the league, they are still shocked,” he said. “No one thinks of this transaction, I think other people have considered similar transactions, they want to do the same thing but have not succeeded.”

This is the first time, McNer, the first review of Osville, and he also said that other people in the alliance also very surprised that Dezhou people can find the next home for Osville with high contract but showing disappointment.

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