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NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the reliable news on Wednes, Pierre Thomas was cut off by Saints. He entered the team with an image of a free player and served as a 20-year core attack role in the team.

Trump told the New York Times reporter, the support of this new England patrioper four-defense is that he can get 49.3% of the support rate in Massachusetts. It is reported that the state’s victory is Trump in the past 7 states. The highest receipt rate.

Ryan Mallett is the quarterfield of the team No. 2, and Wholesale Jerseys he is expected to train in most training and starting lineup. Malat is expected to be the first quarter of the Houston Texas, but he quickly lost his pet and was cut by Texas. He still has a strong arm force and said he has learned from the incorrect mistake, but he didn’t get much opportunity after that.

You may say that the Saint team loves their super bowl hero too long. Because the wage problem has to be taken away by players such as Will Smith, Roman Harper, and Thomas has been holding a rich salary, but he is in the attack. The proportion is decreasing with the day. Upon last season, the data of the third gear is 45 sho, 45 bolts.

We will never forget that he is one of the symbols of the Saints, and he has also been one of the best running guards of the alliance screen, and the Saint team is also extremely high due to his screen offensive efficiency. Thomas was in the super bowl, the screen of the Indiana Pony was perfectly reflected in his own characteristics, but also made this game a classic classic in the last ten years.

It can also be seen from it that the patriot has the ability to turn waste into treasure. We are very suspicious whether Edelman has achieved the same success in other teams, at least the patriot will successfully fulfill his talent as actual performance.

Matt Barkley will start in the surplus competition in the season, and unless he is also injured. Buckley completed his career for the first time in his play competition, 54 passed 28 times successful. He completed three passes to reach the array, but there were 2 consecutive red districts. He can organize attacks, but his bad arm is limited to the tactics of the bear team.

If the crow is skewer, then this means that the first 49 people quadrant finally found the work after the long unemployment period. Prior to this, each free player four-point guard will make people ask a question: Cape Nick still unattended because he proves the protests when playing national anthem?

Talking about the situation of Adelman, Cao Fuwen still unforgettable: “I was attracted by his performance, this young player is very attractive to me. He is very serious, treating the attitude towards football, we Can you see what he wants. I am very regretful now, I can’t let him join the giant. But this is reality. “

Kuflin: Regret, Nothing to sign Edelman New York Giants Tom Coughlin is in a recent interview, and regrets that there is no signing of new England patriots to take over Julian EDELMAN. Before the start of the 2013 season, Edelman became a free player, he went to the giant trial, but in the end, both sides did not sign. Then the patriots and Edelman will continue for one year.

John Harbaugh, Hubble (John Harbaugh) acknowledged that they had considered the possibility of checking quadrotae Kaepernicks. Hubble said he and your brother, once as a 49-year-old coach of San Francisco, Jim Hubbles, many times, many times.

Bryant This season is less than the new show outside Zhu Zhu – Juju Smith-Schuster. He only completed the 234 yards 1 time this season. This data still makes Bryant to take over the team’s second, but his performance is far less than expectation of Brunte.

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