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7. The rickets were officially signed a year contract with the MAX Garcia and the offensive cutaugue Mark Gilbert (MARCUS Gilbert). Garcia’s contract is $ 1.25 million, including $ 600,000 security. Gilbert’s contract is $ 1050,000, including $ 150,000 security, but counts up to $ 3.75 million after a bonus.

If the cowboy really decides to use a privileged player label, what happens is still an unknown. Players usually do not like the team to use labels to them. But the renewal negotiation between the two sides has last few months, and now there is still no puzzling. In an interview with ESPN recently, Prescot has expressed confidence to complete the renewal. Stephen Jones, a vice president of cowboy, said last month, said that Prescott is the head of the team this year’s break.

Adams said: “Due to the previous experience, this time before I played, I have to feel normal. & Hellip; & hellip; last week’s plan is to see how I feel before, give me all time observations, and finally I haven’t prepared it yet. Good morning. “

But Manning has hints that there is no special situation in 2016, he will not choose to leave the stadium, but recently he also hopes to continue to participate next year, but considering his physical problems, everything is still unknown.

Kerry has taken the first 10 hornwei for the past two years, and the first horn of Horn, which is also defeated at Denzel Ward or Greedy Williams. In 16 games, Kerry started 6 times, completed 52 times, once killed, 4 times destroyed the ball, once a copy, forcing the ball. Due to the salary, Brown cut him and spatially 6 million US dollars.

Cowboy may use privileged player labels to quartz PrescottAccording to informed people, the Dallas Cowbi will face the case where the priviles label may be used in Dak Prescott in the case of renewal negotiations.

The first 49 people coach reveals why no choice of Rogers Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarters that appeared in the edition of Wholesale Nfl Jerseys in the past 11 years, not in the first batch of selection, when the green bay packaging is selected in the 24th, not by San Francisco 49 people selected in the first place.

Nalan also said that 49 people didn’t like Rogers’s pass. He said: “We have done a lot of investigations for his passive posture. Smith’s pass also analyzed. We think that Smith will be the long time. People who survive, it seems that we are wrong now. “

Brian Gutekunst said: “Congratulate the wonderful career of Jose, his lasting, health and leadership will be remembered. In the eight years of Green Bay, he contributed Countless wonderful performance is an important factor in winning. He once selected the best lineup, 3 times, I was selected. I wish him, his wife and family are all smooth. “

The first 49th coach Mike Nolan told reporters: “For our impression of Smith is a good child, very good person, a safe selection, and Rogers are more proud, very confident, you will ask why why Don’t choose him, because the best quartz is always like this, and we don’t want to take risks. “

Heton is a four-year show in 2008, which was one of the best strikes in alliance anti-transmission skills. Including the playoffs, Shipon gave a 125 game for the packaging work. After that, he also played the bear and dolphins, but injuries affected his play.

Informed people said that it seems that it is difficult to avoid using privileged player labels, but both sides do not want this happen. Cowboy is very hoped to complete the renewal and will continue to advance the negotiation in the next few weeks. Prescot also hopes to sign a long time.

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