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From the data, Gronoski did not say anything wrong. Celps has been stable since 2016 and 2020, and each season, the number of passes is broken, and at least 4 times of arrivals are obtained and enter the professional bowl. He played his best level in this season, and the number of codes in the number of codes, each time the number of codes and the number of balls reached, and the number of points of the number of data will be a new high.

In an interview, Kelsea is not a word of Gronoski, Cheap jerseys praising the “reliance, long-lasting career, and overcoming the ability”, and he called “Geloski” One of the most dead flies. ” However, Kelps said that since he never defeated Gronoski in the playoffs, he will be full of fighting spirit in this super bowl.

On Wednesday, US Times reported that the pirates will be with the offense of Donovan – Smith (Donovan Smith) for 2 years, the contract salary is $ 31.8 million, of which 30 million is guaranteed. Defensive Diamada-Soviet (NDAMUKONG SUH) will also re-sign a year, salary of 10 million US dollars.

Enskova has been trying to force the Jaguchi to trade. But the American Tiger is firmly asked to have any intentions of the team must pay a high transaction offer. Therefore, Encuvi is still unable to leave the Americas.

The general manager of the United States Tiger recently got in touch with the rushing hankernick-EnsoviYannick Nikoue recently fired his agent, which may mean that he is close to the Jacksonville American Tiger to reach a solution.

Badler said in the twitter: “In the four years of patriots, I will give yourself all the dedication. I will never do anything that affects the victory of the team, including this year’s super bowl Every night, I will return to my teammates to my family. The first week I have never attended any concerts. I didn’t have any concert for a foul, and I didn’t participate in the strange activities mentioned in the report. These rumors are for me I have caused great harm to my family. “

Markham-Butler denied that he had violated the convincing provisionsAccording to NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport, the possible cause of Malcolm Butler has not been derived, including illness and training. Badler responded to the residential part.

Su Yaji is also one of the defensive groups, and the regular season has completed 6 kills, once forced the ball, 44 times. In the super bowl, Su Jun was treated with Patrick Mahomes, and he also completed 1.5 killed.

The American Tiger uses the privileged player label for Encuvi. But he has not yet signed a contract, and he has not reported to the training camp. Before he signed the privileged label contract, he belongs to the unreasonable state, so it will not be fined.

“You have to ask him. I am cautious about him,” Kadville said. “He and I have been in touch with me, but I think it will be discussed by him. He has fulfilled his contract. He has the right to decide to himself and his family. So I will put any The question about his future is handed over to him, and strive to keep our communication. “

Smith has only absent two regular seasons since six years, and the health conditions are good. Last year, the last four games and in the playoffs, Smith only allowed the opponent to kill once and achieve sufficient protection.

The offensive performance of Kelps in the central area of ​​the venue has become a team to create close-edge strikes. His experience and adaptation level in the Chief Offense Group is currently without people.

Both contracts will help the sea to make a salary space to build a better lineup around Braddy. Smith’s original contract will allow him to occupy a salary space of $ 14.25 million in the 2021 season, and the new contract can reduce the salary space to approximately $ 30.8 million. The contract will also include invalid year to share the salary space.

In order to provide Osweiler with enough offensive support, the team found many excellent players at the trading market and draft conference. In the trading market, the team finds the replacement of Arian Foster & mdash; & mdash; former dolphins running guards Lamar Miller. At the draft conference, the first round is signed with an extension of the extension of the deep strike power Will Fuller V. In addition, the team also gathered a bunch of young offensive players, Osweiler owned gorgeous offensive weapons. However, the entire regular season, OSWeiler’s performance does not match his contract amount, and send a 14-year-old copy while sending 14. His downturn even affects the quality of the entire team: the star outside the deandre hopkins without the ball, the number of offensive passwords is the third, the red area offensive efficiency is low, and the field score the countdown in the field. Even the third week of the regular season challenged the new England patriots, the team had failed.

This physical quality is excellent, good at completing the long-distance front-ended colleague rankings, the second, TCC number of columns, the total number of alliances, the total number of rankings, the fifth. He is better than the teammates taken away from Tyreek Hill in addition to each of the number of teammates.

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