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[Specialist group] How to be a good womanThe water is actually a logistics, but it can also be seen in the game in the game, so it is in the “Special” group. Water tans are generally equipped with a bottle of good music. This bottle design allows the player to add moisture without having to take a helmet while facilitating multiple people.

The second half Texans offensive strategy conservative, while Connor – Cook led the Raiders offensive team still can not find the state. Section two teams a total of 7 waves were not able to break through the offensive half. Near the end of the third quarter, the Texans running back Jonathan – Grimes (Jonathan Grimes) rushed the ball 12 yards to win the first attack. Into the fourth quarter, Will – Oscar Fuller then ran down Wheeler’s pass 19 yards. With defensive interference catch Hopkins made (Defensive Pass Interference) foul, Texans offensive team came to scoring before the wire 1-yard line, Austin Wheeler rushed the ball one yard touchdown, Texans 27: 7 lead.

These two teams have played against this season: Week 11 regular-season game in Mexico, Raiders at Estadio Azteca (Estadio Azteca) “away” 27:20 victory over the Texans. visit the following page game, Texans quarterback – Tom Savage (Tom Savage) due to a concussion will miss the game, Bullock – Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler) to snatch the starting position. As last season’s Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos backup quarterback, Austin Wheeler ushered in his first career playoff chance in the starting lineup.

The basic game has entered into garbage time, Connor – Cook finally established an effective wave of attack. His long pass to wide receiver Andre – Holmes (Andre Holmes), advancing 20 yards. Texans into the half, the defense Holmes cause interference foul ball, get 25 yards, then followed Holmes Cook 8 yards passing touchdowns, Raiders 14:27 Texans. After Texans third gear out, the Raiders saw the comeback hopes. However, with Connor – Cook pass was security guard Corey – Moore (Corey Moore) steals, Texans seal the victory. Before the end of the game, a long pass Cook is desperate cornerback A.J. Boyer (A.J. Bouye) steals. The final Houston Texans home 27:14 win over the Oakland Raiders, and advanced to the next round. If the third-seeded American League Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow can beat sixth-seeded Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans next week will challenge top-seeded New England Patriots; on the contrary, the Texans next week will challenge second-seeded Kansas City Chiefs .

[Review] Continuous shooting, lore steel people to win the US civil warBeijing time on December 11th, the thirteenth week focus, the United States and the “steel crow”, the US League area No. 1 seed is strongly competed by the Pittsburgh steel man’s home to meet Bal’s Mosa, the crow is still competing for the season, and steel. People need this victory to keep the home advantage in the playoffs.

The Weeknd said: “We all look at the famous people in the world grow up in the middle of the show, you can make a dreamman is a dream come true. I am very honored, it will be modest, I am very happy to be this year’s stage Like the center. “

As an excellent woman requires agile pace, excellent pre-judgment, as well as the appropriate grasp of mirror and good lens, in order to get enough mirrors in the competitive competition. Some watermarks may be higher than those of certain special group.

The crow offensive, Collins continued three-step rush to win the first attack, two files 10 yards Fraco found Allen to get 20 yards. After Collins continued to rush to get the first attack. On the 30-yard line, Fraco directly challenges the end area to find Moore, the latter is easy to pick up in the end area! Additional dictation in 7-14. The steel man offensive group re-played, three gears 3 yards, Antonio-Brown the same position one again single-handed guard, received 28 yards in the rainbow! However, after the attack, Levian – Bell was hurt to check the rest, the crow eyes saw that the running ball cutlery was not in the dead, and the three gears were directly killed. The steel man can only shoot, free kicking into 7-17. Crow offense. A 10 yard, Vlaco did not pass the goal of the goal of running to the edge of the road, cainks, who did not expect the steel person to run twice, let Collins got a very large number of numbers into 20 yards. After that, Collins ran again from the right road. The steel man was missing twice with the same way, and the visual Collins was easy to walk into the end area to succeed! 14-17, the steel man’s defense suddenly started to go, the crow is only in the score for only two minutes.

The Weeknd will show the 55th super bowl of midfield. The US time on Thursday, the three-degree Gremet Award winner The Weeknd announced that he will participate in the 55th Super Bowl of Middle Field Show.

Raiders offensive group stage again, Connor – Cook’s short pass was the 2014 champion Lang Jed Vian – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney) damage, Ke Laoni himself firmly catch the ball, which is his career The first note of steals. Subsequently, the Texans running back Lamar – Miller (Lamar Miller) on the left side rushed the ball four yards easy touchdown, Texans 10: 0 lead. After the two teams were third gear out, Texans punt, the Raiders return man Jay – Richard (Jalen Richard) to get rid of tackles, back to attack 37 yards. Raiders running back 拉塔维厄斯 – Murray (Latavius ​​Murray) scored 18 yards red ball first, then successive red ball, punching the ball 2 yards final touchdown, to tie the Raiders 7:10.

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